My Husband and I are Losers

My husband (BK) and I are losers, really. It’s about TV. I realized last night that we actually look forward to TAPS, or Ghost Hunters. Okay, if you haven’t seen the show, it’s a bunch of East Coast gorillas poking around places to debunk hauntings. NOTHING ever happens. EVER. Now, they say they’re out to debunk things, but I suspect that’s a cover for the fact that they really haven’t a clue what they’re doing. What makes this more stupid? My husband and I don’t believe in ghosts. Perhaps even worse is my addiction to Prison Break. It’s really terrible. I only watch it because Wentworth Miller is adorable and graduated from Princeton. It’s like watching a train wreck, and I can’t stop. Then there’s “My Name is Earl,” my absolute favorite. I think I secretly suspect it’s loosely based on my family in Baltimore, although I can’t prove it. So we watch those three shows every week, and that makes us losers. Of course, the fact that we watch them together, holding hands and laughing, probably makes us winners.


2 thoughts on “My Husband and I are Losers

  1. klbjork says:

    Too Funny! I watch the same shows. Well I did at one point and quit watching TAPS, because well, I want to see a pen move or darnit a glowing orb flitter across the screen. Nothing, but ‘dust’. LOL Anyway, I feel your pain. We love watching Prison Break too. Have to record it if we’re not at home. 🙂

    Love the blog!
    KL Bjork

  2. Cassandra Kane says:

    Hi Ciar, welcome to blogland!

    I love “My Name is Earl”, it seriously cracks me up. I won’t even answer the BF’s phone calls when it’s on 🙂 Anything by Jason Lee is a must see for me since “Chasing Amy”.



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