The Biggest Kahuna and Other Less Toothy Items

This book has a history. Quick, think of a god to write a romance story about. Make sure it’s one no one ever wrote about before! Make him unusual. That was my instruction, and after some funky epubbing goings-ons, this book found its way into the hands of the wonderful Lorri-Lynn Brown at Loose ID. I picked up my handy-dandy guide to mythology, and thought to try something a little different. How about a shark god? A drunk, really (although of course he’s not in the book), who flipped his tale to guide Hawaiian fishermen through rough seas? Kalahiki is now the star of his own romance! I hope you like this story…It comes out May 9. You can learn a bit more at my web site. I’m not a big shapeshifter fan, per se, but I do enjoy quirky tales, and quirky tails.


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