Get a Persona

I’ve noticed that the most successful writers (well, let’s limit this to epubbed/trade paperbacks in the bookstore, maybe just picked up by an agent with a first sale writers) have an identity. You know what I mean? Their sites are dark, with pics of toothy men or sexy women, gothic tidbits, etc. Or, they stick to a theme–lords, masters, shapeshifters, vampires, etc. They have successful series that sell like hotcakes. A publisher once advised me to “get” a persona. Fit a genre, so readers would latch on, would know what I write every time. I tried. I’ll be a fiesty warrior type, I thought, and stick to kick-ass heroines in Tomb Raider type action adventures. Then I ended up writing a fantasy farce, because that’s what came to me. Okay, I thought, I’ll write fantasy. Then a burning, overwhelming desire to write a contemporary paranormal came on. Damn. Who am I? My books have nothing in common but me, and I don’t seem to have anything in common with myself! I tried a category romance, thinking that would be easier, and an agent said it was too…deep…I guess for category, and I should lengthen it. I did that, and now I have this longish thing that doesn’t seem to fit any “NY” market. Scratches head… I am not an erotica or even “romantica” writer, which eliminates about 90 percent of the hot market right now. Is anyone else in this pickle???


One thought on “Get a Persona

  1. Annalee Blysse says:

    I think about this. I write like I read… almost anything. I’ve found a few authors that had two names and pulled back to one, and at least one admitted it was because it takes too much time from writing to keep up two websites, etc… Hmm. As a reader it doesn’t change my buying decisions if an author writes in multiple genres, sensuality levels. But, that advice to get a persona makes a whole lot of sense too. Does feel like a pickle.

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