Phew, I guess we’ll stay married


84% Compatible

♥ Ciar and Bruce have been romantically-together for a long time. That alone demonstrates a degree of compatibility. Their shared faith will help form a bond between them. They both abstain from drinking, so that helps compatibility. Their astrological signs are in harmony, which is a plus. They share a favorite season, and that is good. And their views on children are similar. The fact that both Ciar and Bruce are somewhat dominant reduces compatibility, as opposites in this area attract. Overall, Ciar and Bruce are quite compatible. There are a few rough spots, but nothing that cannot be overcome. ♥

Test Your Dating Compatibility


One thought on “Phew, I guess we’ll stay married

  1. Valerie Bongards says:

    Hi Ciar,

    I did the test for me and the dh…we are 66% compatible. I’ll keep him though….lol!!


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