Ah, Research! Start Writing, Damn It!

What a trial, looking for inspirational men on the Internet. Aside from my fixation on Wentworth Miller (below), I’m all over Josh Bernstein, host of Digging for the Truth. Explorer, modern dashing bright guy, going to all the spots on the earth I’d like to see. My background is archaeology, and well, this show has my name all over it. I’m starting a WIP with a (more arrogant) version of Josh as the relic hunter par excellence, and it’s got me going! That’s what I’m doing, how about you? How many ways can you find to waste time on the Internet? Reading blogs, reading loops, scouring Romance Divas (for what, I’m not sure), looking at submission guidelines (without anything to submit)… Phew. The advice I heard recently was very good advice–if you want to write, get offline! (Of course, no one said I should quit my day job yet!)


One thought on “Ah, Research! Start Writing, Damn It!

  1. Toni Sue says:

    I’m actually considering one of those AlphaSmart 3000 jobbies so that I absolutely CAN’T get on the internet while I’m writing! I know, it’s pretty bad when you have a battle of wills with yourself… Even sadder when I’m still not sure which ‘one’ will win! šŸ™‚

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