Aspiring Writers’ Query Contest!!!

Want to jumpstart your chances of getting published??? Here’s a chance to polish that query, and possibly win a full manuscript critique from two writers and the managing editor of Phaze Publishing! Ciar Cullen and Leigh Ellwood are hosting a May query contest. The top three queries will receive feedback from the hosts of the contest. The top place finisher will receive a full critique from Ciar, Leigh, and the Managing Editor of Phaze. Please note, this is not a Phaze contest, but a kindness offered by an editor. To be eligible:
1. Unpublished in any form of romantic fiction, electronic or print
2. You have a completed manuscript of any length (or one that will be complete by June 1)
3. You are a member of Ciar and Leigh’s all excerpt loop
4. One entry per writer
5. If your entry is judged absolutely spectacular, the sponsors may offer a recommendation to the editors at their respective companies–there is NO guarantee of acceptance!
6. Your query will not be posted or circulated, so don’t be shy!

Stop on by the loop for forthcoming entry details!


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