Answer to previous post–not yet and Happy Mother’s Day

Well, just when you think it’s time to throw in the towel, you get to pick it up again, take in a deep breath, and wipe the sweat from your brow. Came home from a trip away to visit Mom (who lectured me heavily on the topic of fortitude) to a message on my answering machine from an agent, who evidently may love the book “just enough.” Or maybe she just wants to tell me personally she doesn’t like it??? In any case, I’d just decided to “move on.” Isn’t that always the way? Of course, there are no guarantees here. That’s all right, have learned so much in the last few months.

Now, onto a new book. The Biggest Kahuna has me so stoked I’m ready to work on the sequel, but I’m stuck until I can figure out the title! It’s the story of Pele, the volcano goddess, and it’s got to be hot, and quirky, and very funny. So if you have any title ideas, do let me know. I’m also about to be smothered in edits for Lords of Ch’i (scroll down and check out that cover, I can’t stop looking at it!), which I hope to get through before going to Mexico!

Look here for more of Madam Philomena, she’s warming up her tarot this time. Happy Mother’s Day! My cat (my only child) missed me terribly!


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