Help, Slap Me Out of this Stupor

I was just directed to a long series of posts on SmartBitches and I’m dumbfounded. I’ve never seen such arse-kissing in my entire life. Folks, all two of you who might read this, make a pact with me. If I’m ever successful (whatever that means, make money I guess), promise me that you’ll do the following:
1. Kill me if I ever call myself an artist
2. Beat me if I ever kiss arse like that or otherwise gush at a successful artist
3. Torture my cat (he doesn’t mind being swung around by his tail, so don’t bother with that) if I forget that I wanted to earn a few dollars with my little stories
4. Completely trash me and everyone I love if I start wallowing in my own lebensangst.

Oh, wait, I have a strong tendency towards #4. Give me a little time to work on that. Note to self: get over your sorry writing blogging whiney self.


6 thoughts on “Help, Slap Me Out of this Stupor

  1. Lyn Cash says:

    Lyn Cash = Loose Id; Sunny = Confession Pays who attended your author daze stuff with Cynn and invited you two to speak to The Belfry Collective. * that ring a bell now? * – ROFL

    And I had same reaction you did on some of those posts. Also enjoyed the guest speaker’s posts. *grin*

  2. Lyn Cash says:

    Uh…we’re both also with Samhain, and I’m with Ellora’s Cave, if that helps. If you’re still confused, I’ll smack you when I see you in Atlanta.

  3. Ciar Cullen says:

    Not comfooosed any more LOL I knew about the Samhain, it was the “other” comment that threw me, and I knew about EC. Phew. You know what really scared me for a second, I thought, OMG, is Lyn Cash actually the person I’m bitching about on her own blog? She doesn’t write the same at all! LOL NOT

  4. Shelli Stevens says:

    Ooo this looks interesting. Going to check it out.

  5. Angela James says:

    I thought for sure I was the only person who had that reaction. So glad I’m not alone 🙂 The whole conversation was a bit much and despite adding my thoughts about it being a consumer commodity and service industry (which got completely ignored, *sniff*) I decided the whole thing was a bit of…well, it was too much 🙂

  6. Ciar Cullen says:

    Angie, I noticed your comments with great relief. Phew. I actually thought for a moment it was a SmartBitches spoof. Crickey. Oh well, I guess folks are more serious about craft (see, it gags me to even use that word) than lil ol me.

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