Poor Barbaro. I actually cried for him. My husband looked at me with a concerned sideways glance. “Hormones,” I mumbled. “Yeah, right.”

I got a final rejection on a book I worked very hard on, and I woke up this morning feeling quite chipper about it. Relieved in fact, because I’ve been waiting so long to hear, and there were many false starts and hopeful hints and disappointing letdowns. Let’s just say I’m not going to bother hunting for an agent again anytime soon. I almost feel ready to write! To enjoy writing, do what I want without worrying about the target NY audience…whatever, you get the idea!

Barbaro? Hmmn, his chances are 50/50 they say, and they won’t know for a while. But he’s already showing interest in the girl horses in the horsey hospital. This old warhorse? There are signs of life. I hope the horse makes it. Don’t even care about the bet I had on him.


2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Angela James says:

    I saw it on the news, when I stopped for dinner on the way home from BEA. I was upset too 😦 got teary and really wanted them to stop talking about it.

  2. Lyn Cash says:

    I felt same way…sad. But…the news a few minutes ago was hopeful:

    Barbaro had a costly and complicated operation for an injury that, according to Richardson, would have resulted in most horses being euthanized on the racetrack. When a white screen was put up around Barbaro at Pimlico, however, Roy Jackson said that he, Matz and Prado were not worried that the colt was going to be euthanized.

    “Here’s a horse that won the Kentucky Derby, that gave all of us, our families, our community, a lot of joy,” Jackson said. “We have a responsibility to do everything we can to see that he lives. “

    Jackson acknowledged that he and his wife were in a unique position to spare no cost in trying to save Barbaro.

    At least his human family wants him to live regardless.

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