Nominate Your Own Book!

I’m getting ready for summer, and I need some reading material! So nominate your book. Post the title, buying link, and a little bit about your book here, and I’ll pick one, buy it, and review it here. I’ll be honest, even about friends. If I really dislike it, well, I probably won’t review it at all, so don’t worry about getting really trashed. It’s not my style. Mwahaha…
One note: I don’t read horror, I don’t read anything with a LOT of violence in it, I won’t take to erotica without romance. I love fantasy, contemporaries, paranormals, etc. Come on, entice me (and our visitors!).


50 thoughts on “Nominate Your Own Book!

  1. Laura says:

    I nominate my book OUT THERE IN THE NIGHT. A m/m erotic werewolf romance!
    I’ll understand if you don’t read m/m though!

    Blurb:What’s the most pleasurable way to be made into a werewolf? By having sex with one … and surviving.

    Something Dr. Connor Jacy is about to find out after spending a long, lust-filled night of wild, animalistic and sensual lovemaking with the mysterious Native American trapper who rescued him from a snowmobile accident site in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s only a few days until the full moon and once back at home, Dr. Jacy is sure it was all a dream compounded by his head injury. Unfortunately for Connor, the powerful spiritwalkers of an ancient Indian tribe have already decided to mate a modern man of medical science with a mythical creature and guardian of the night.

    Laura Baumbach

  2. Charlene Teglia says:

    Ummm, Ciar, I think you’ve read all of mine! Although you may have missed Catalyst at Cerridwen Press, that one seems to get overlooked. Sparks and fur fly! (As a side note, I love Willo for putting Sebastian the evil cat on the cover.)

  3. Felicity Heaton says:

    I’ll have to nominate my latest novel Queen of Hearts. It’s a sensual rated historical western romance…


    Jessie Hayden’s life changed dramatically the day her eldest brother left home, never to be seen again. Stepping into his role as the lead wrangler on her family’s ranch, she learns to cope with what the locals think of her and the things they say behind her back, but never learns to deal with the rift in her heart and the pain of losing the member of her family she’d been closest to.

    A storm swept night brings a stranger, Colt Tucker, into town. Discovering an advert placed by her father, he walks the four miles across pitch-black countryside to the Blue Plains Ranch and offers his services as a wrangler but things don’t go smoothly from the start.

    Colt reminds Jessie painfully of her brother and he suffers the consequences as they begin to work together on the ranch. He finds himself drawn to her as she continually changes mood, going from gentle to tempestuous in the blink of an eye, and works to unravel the mystery of her past, bringing them closer together.

    One fateful night changes everything again, and Jessie finds herself losing the rest of her family and the man she’s come to love.

    Months later, they meet up by chance and the sparks fly. Will Jessie listen to what Colt has to say, or is it too late for her to trust in him again?

    Felicity Heaton

    p.s. Also – Loved your previous posts about false gushing and love-ins between authors. It drives me insane! Also, have to agree with you on the Erotica stuff. It’s soft porn really. I don’t do erotica and I slap anyone who tries to label my work as such 🙂

    p.p.s – Thanks for saying Arse rather than ass. Ah, I love my English spellings.

  4. Toni Anderson says:

    Ciar. LOL.

    I have to nominate my book ‘Her Sanctuary’ because I’m looking for reviews!!

    It is a contempoary RS. Elizabeth Ward is a strong woman who’s had everything she values taken away from her. Plotting revenge on the person who’s destroyed her life, she unexpectedly falls in love with a cowboy.

    Suddenly she has something to live for and something to lose.

  5. Pauline B Jones says:

    Hi, Ciar. Saw your post on The Romance Studio and trying to figure out which book to nominate. Since you write romance, perhaps you’d enjoy reading THE LAST ENEMY, which is about a romance writer.

    “Two men need her. One needs her dead. Betrayed by those who were supposed to protect her, romance author Dani Gwynne is plotting her own survival, working against time, terror and her fear of heights in the mile high city of Denver. Deputy U.S. Marshal Matthew Kirby is the lonesome lawman in charge of finding Dani. Hunting is what the Marshals do best and Matt is their top tracker, but even he hasn’t been able to close the law and disorder gap with an elusive killer who’s never missed his mark. Until now…. Jonathan Hayes is a hit man with two obsessions: to kill Dani and to find Willow, his online lover. He doesn’t know he can’t have it both ways. With the clock ticking on their macabre game of hide and seek, find and near miss across city and cyberspace, Dani must face all her fears to defeat a killer who won’t stop until he gets everything he wants. Or destroys them all trying…”

    To read an excerpt, stop by my website:

    My books aren’t too violent and they don’t have sex scenes at all. (g)

    Here’s the buy link:

    Cool idea. 🙂
    Perilous Pauline (g)

  6. Michelle Pillow says:

    I nominate my Cheek Book, OPPOSITES ATTRACT, a erotic chick lit out from Virgin Publishing.


    Book Description
    Two girls, two guys, one car and a long road trip from New York to San Francisco ahead of them. Susan and Ted might make a happy couple, but the conflict begins immediately between bankrupt socialite Alexis and Ethan, a tattoo artist. Their backgrounds, attitudes and even their dreams clash to produce sparks. And while making stops everywhere from Lake Michigan to Las Vegas, Ethan and Alexis are unable to stop interfering with each other’s romantic opportunities. But when their sparks of desire start to smoulder, Alexis’ manipulative snob of a mother has to put them out. Despite time spent together and apart, and every conflict and deference, something had caught fire between them and lust and love are definitely in the air. By the time they hit the West Coast, which one of them will have compromised?

    Michelle M Pillow

  7. Natalie Damschroder says:

    Ciar, you can cover all the bases with my anthology, Indulgence, though it won’t be out until later this summer. It will contain all the non-novel-length stories found at this link:

    plus two more that aren’t out yet. It’s got contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, paranormal, and ALL romance, because the story is more important to me than the sex (though there’s lots of that, too) 🙂

  8. Silvia Violet says:

    I nominate my latest release, Magic in the Blood, an erotic vampire tale.

    Sometimes even the strongest magic can’t protect you from the heat of passion.

    Liz Carlson lives a quiet life in a small mountain town, but she carries a dangerous secret. She is a practitioner of Deep Magic. When a rogue Deep Magician comes to town, bent on increasing his own power, Liz’s only hope to stop him lies in a partnership with a devastatingly sexy vampire.

    When Avran Niccolayic meets Liz and she intrigues him more than any woman has for six hundred years. He wants to show her pleasure greater than she’s ever imagined. He’s willing to do anything to get what he wants, even if it means risking his life in a dangerous game between Deep Magicians, and risking his heart every time he touches her.

  9. Sara Reinke says:

    Hi, Ciar,

    I’d like to nominate my paranormal romantic thriller, RESURRECTION, from Inara Press. In RESURRECTION, Jay Frances can resurrect the dead. One touch is all it takes to restore life to even long-since cold flesh. Jay has always considered this ability more of a curse than a gift — that is, until the night he finds JoBeth Montgomery brutally murdered in a darkened stairwell and raises her. Jo is the first he is able to restore fully, body, mind and soul. She is also bright, beautiful and before long, Jay finds that Jo fills the void that has been in his heart since the death of his wife. As a mutual attraction grows into something far deeper and more tender between them, so, too, does someone else’s interest in them. Jo had not been the victim of a random act of violence. Her assailant had been someone far more methodical, a sadistic serial killer the police call the Watcher.

    Jay’s brother, Paul, knows about the Watcher’s methods all-too well. A seasoned homicide investigator, he’s also the lead detective charged with catching him. When he learns about Jo, and what had happened to her during her assault, Paul recognizes the modus operandi of the Watcher. He also sees the chance to use Jo as bait, to try and lure the elusive killer out of hiding. Paul and his quarry have more in common than he can ever imagine. Paul knows of Jay’s extraordinary abilities; he’s seen them firsthand. But so has the Watcher. He knows Jo is alive, but that’s not what tempts him any longer. He’s watched something else that has fixated him: Jay and his ability to raise the dead. And now the Watcher embarks on a personal quest to see Jay do it again. And again. And again.

    RESURRECTION has been earning rave reviews: Rated 5 out of 5 books at Wantz Upon A Time Reviews;
    5 our of 5 stars from Ecata Romance Reviews; 4 out of 5 hearts from Once Upon A Romance Reviews. I’m getting great feedback from readers, too. I think you’d enjoy it.

    Here’s the purchase link:

    RESURRECTION is a Seron Serial, a novella told in 12 weekly installments for $5.50. Right now, we’re on Week 8, and while if you subscribed today, you’d get the first 7 chapters automatically, plus Chapter 8 when it’s released this Thursday, I’d go ahead and provide you with all 12 chapters, the complete story, for your convenience. 🙂

    Sara Reinke

  10. Elaine Corvidae says:

    I nominate my book TYRANT MOON, because I sometimes feel like it gets lost beside my werewolf and faery series, lol. It’s fantasy in the sword and sorcery tradition, so lots of magic and sword fights. 🙂

    The blurb:
    Tyrant Moon tells the story of a dying mage who must help a barbarian warrior in her quest to save her people. Thraxis is an Athraskani wizard who created a magic jewel that would gift any mage with enormous power. A rogue wizard stole the jewel, using it to cast a death curse on Thraxis before fleeing to hide among the barbarian tribes.

    The Arrow that Flies the Farthest is the Champion of her clan–its most skilled warrior, whose ritual combats with other Champions were meant to prevent war among the clans. But war is unleashed nevertheless when her ambitious chieftain joins forces with the rogue Athraskani. Arrow’s only hope of stopping the war seems to lie with Thraxis, who alone knows how to destroy the jewel he created. But can a pacifist wizard and a woman born to kill find the common ground needed to work together…before time runs out for them both?

    First chapter can be read here:

    And it can be purchased here:–Elaine+Corvidae

  11. Judith Rochelle says:

    I nominate my first book due out in June, Love With the Proper Rancher, available at:

    Paige Cavanaugh doesn’t understand why she has such bad luck with me. She’s smart, savvy, not bad on the eyes. But she’s been dumjped twice on her way to the altar, and this time she discovered lust before the wedding march that, instead of the handsome prince she was about to marry the evil bridegroom.

    Fleeing the city for some place to hide out, she swears off men until she meets the ultra-sexy Ryan Cutter – and they clash at once. He doesn’t like “big city” women and she doesn’t like arrogant men. Then, one night at his ranch after a major town event, their feelings turn into a different kind of heat and the passion that explodes catches them both off guard.

    Slowly they begin to find their way into a relaitonship, but Paige still has a secret she’s keeping – the real reason the evil bridegroom wanted to marry her, and when Mr. Nasty himself shows up in town, her brand new world explodes.

    Will Ryan turn his back on her, or follow his heart? Can Paige salvage what they have while extricating herself from a sticky situation?

    Judith Rochelle

  12. blackroze37 -tami says:

    wow as a reader, best post ive ever seen. i like authors who actually tell another author a good book! yessss being a reader that is good for me

  13. Phyllis Campbell says:

    I nominate my romantic comedy, TEN WAYS TO MELT A MAN’S HEART. It’s kicking butt with sales at my publisher – Champagne Books – and I want to get more adverstisement on it since it’s now in paperback and going out to stores!

    When love and friends collide, the outcome can be humorous…and disastrous.

    Whoever said the quest for love wasn’t comical, never met Charlene Randall. Her search to find Mr. Wonderful leads her to the last place she ever expected – the arms of her neighbor.

    Owner of a successful company, Damien Giovanni is fed up with money-grabbing women. But Charley isn’t like this. She wants to try the Internet article, 10 Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart on his former friend. Jealousy hits him head on like a locomotive without a driver. What would happen if he tried the “10 Ways” on her?

    Phyllis Campbell

  14. Sylvia Hubbard says:

    I nominate my book MISTAKEN IDENTITY. An erotic/intrigue with a twist!


    About Book:
    Mistaken Identity
    is about a woman who finds inner strength being someone else, but may be the fool in the end for her deceit.

    For years Dana has loved Jerome from afar and for years Dana has watched her twin sister take everything she has wanted – Even Jerome.

    So when Dana is given the opportunity to take her sister’s place on the wedding night, Dana jumps on it – or more like jump on Jerome. Yet, her deceit to her brother-in-law may make her the fool in the end.

    ~~Hold onto you panties, ladies! Mistaken Identity is a scorching ride that will have you wiggling in your seat and screaming for your lover by the end of the first chapter!

    ~~Sylvia, you did it again. You successfully kept me turning the pages until the very last one. I love the way you weave suspense so intricately into each storyline.

    ~~It kept me up until the wee hours of the morning, despite the fact that I had to wake up early and head off to work the next morning.

  15. Bianca D'Arc says:

    Ciar, this is an awesome idea! I just have to nominate my newest book BORDER LAIR. It’s Book 2 in my Dragon Knights series. (Maiden Flight was the first in the series.)

    Here’s the tagline:
    War has come to the Border Lair, but as enemies become allies–and lovers, hope springs anew for the dragons and their knights.

    This is a fantasy erotic romance and Samhain gave it their RED HOT! rating ’cause there’s lots of romantic sex and menage a trois.

    Here are a few links for more info:
    To Buy Border Lair:
    Samhain page for Border Lair:
    Dragon Knights series pages:
    My website:

    Thanks Ciar, for the opportunity to nominate my book! Girl, you come up with the BEST ideas!!!

    All the best,

  16. Jena' Galifany says:

    I’d like to nominate my new book, ShadowsForge 1: Three Times A Hero. It will be available June 1st at Whiskey Creek Press.

    Taylor “Ty” Synclair, bass player for British rock band, ShadowsForge, has enjoyed six years of musical success. He believes there has to be one woman, somewhere, who will love him for who he is, not the package sold to the public.
    Alexis Rivers worked hard to gain her freedom from an abusive relationship. Her only desire is to be alone, to live life on her own terms. The problem is her heart doesn’t agree with her decision, a decision that crumbles fast after literally running into Ty Synclair in the middle of a blizzard.
    Can two cold hearts spark a fire, when they collide on a snowy mountain road and spend three days alone together in a snowbound cabin?

    Thank you,
    Jena’ Galifany

  17. Dyana Lunaris says:

    I nominate my book Roses Never Fade. It’s a paranormal/time travel romance. It’s got some violence in the beginning but just as a way to explain my character.


    Blurb: When Rosemary tries to escape from an abusive relationship she finds herself fleeing further than she ever imagined. After she realizes she’s been transported back in time she has a hard time trying to prove she isn’t a witch, especially when an ancient Scottish Faerie starts to visit her. Will she be left to love the brave and sensitive Geoff or will her premonitions put him and the whole castle at risk?

    Dyana Lunaris

  18. Penelope Marzec says:

    Here’s my nomination:


    It’s a paranormal/fantasy romance! Ula has the power to command anyone to do her will–but then she meets Shay, who seems completely resistant to her power. She has to save her druidess from the evil druid, but she needs a dog for the task.
    Though Shay has a wolfhound he’s not willing to part with it until he learns that some of the magic his father told him about really does exist.

  19. Elizabeth Delisi says:

    Hi Ciar,

    What a great idea! I’d love to nominate my book, LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, a time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt. You said you like paranormals, so you just might like this!

    Here’s the link:

    And here’s the blurb:

    One minute, Hattie Williams is in a museum, sketching a gold necklace that belonged to Hatshepsut, first female Pharaoh of Egypt; and the next, she’s lying in a room too archaic to be the museum, with a breathtakingly handsome, half-naked man named Senemut bending over her.

    Hattie soon discovers she’s been thrust into the body and life of Hatshepsut, with no way back to her own time. Tuthmosis, the heir to the throne, hates her; the High Priest of Amun and the commander of the army want to kill her and Tuthmosis; and the best bathroom facilities in the country are the equivalent of a cat-box.

    To make matters more difficult, she’s falling helplessly in love with Senemut, and soon, she’s not sure she even wants to return home. To protect Tuthmosis from assassination, the lovers arrange to put Hattie on the throne. But, what should she do when she suddenly finds herself, an obscure artist from Chicago, crowned ruler of all Egypt?

    Have fun with whatever book you choose!

    Elizabeth Delisi

  20. Bren says:

    Hi Ciar,
    What a great idea! I’m (mostly) a lurker at RJR group, and I just had to respond to your post. I know it’s not in any of the genres you mentioned, but I’d like to nominate my book, THE PRICE OF EDEN. It’s a historical romance set in 1800’s Florida. I’m proud to say it’s gotten some decent reviews (5 Blue Ribbons from RJ!), and is selling rather well.
    With the help of half-Seminole Indian, Hunter (Wolf) Prophitt, Cait McCandless flees New Orleans and the manipulations of her father for a new beginning in the Florida wilderness. Soon after her arrival, however, her dreams of a new life are threatened by an unexpected death, a suspicious business deal, and an imminent Indian war.
    Good luck to everyone! And thanks for giving us all a chance.
    Many blessings,

  21. Ciar Cullen says:

    Wow, these ALL sound amazing!!! I can’t afford (time or money) twenty books right now LOL but I think I’ll make this my reading list for the next many months! I hope to get to you all! Thanks so very much. And you guys are welcome to keep promoting here. And yes, I’ll read m/m and yes, historicals, and maybe even my first cowboy romance. Hey, 1800s Florida–how interesting! What a talented, diverse group. Everyone pat themselves on the back–I think we get so burned out on promos and stuff that sometimes we miss the wonderful books out there, if that makes any sense. So please be patient, I’ll try to get to all of these in between edits, writing, and full time job :o) Oh, and Mexican vacation!

  22. Sarah Dickson says:

    Hi Ciar,
    I have a contemporary erotic story called Mango Heat coming out in July so maybe when you’ve doen the rest *grin* on this list you might want to take a peek.

    Here’s the blurb
    Gary Hawthorn is single, gets around and has never fallen in love. When he visits an exclusive island resort with the view of buying it, he doesn’t expect to be so attracted to Rose, the resident artist.

    Rose Cartwright is not looking for any relationship. Not even recreational sex. Well, maybe she might make an exception with Gary. After all it’s only a few days and he’ll be gone.

    Can they possibly even consider a future, especially when Gary plans to take everything Rose holds dear, away from her?

    An excerpt can be found at
    then click on the cover called Mango Heat

  23. Dayna_Hart says:

    Ciar: For a nice light read that is also light on the wallet, I’d suggest my ‘bite’ from Freya’s Bower. My Bite “You Again” is made up of two short stories with more in common that might first meet the eye. In part one, you will meet Cherry, the music industry’s (likeable) version of Paris Hilton. Wild, outrageous, and sometimes funny, Cherry is keeping secrets. Enter Mac, the reporter who is determined to figure her out. How do you keep your secrets when you’re secretly falling in love?

    Part two is the story of Laurel, a bookstore-cafe barrista. One morning, Drex walks in, and Laurel is forced to face her past.

    Both bites are ‘sweet’, so they’re perfect for ‘in public’ reading 🙂

    And if my bite doesn’t intrigue you, there are quite a few other authors at Freya’s Bower whose bites will deliver. Each bite is a $2 d/l, in pdf. format.


  24. Pamela K. Kinney says:

    I nominate my three books, all three can be gotten as e-books, though one can also be gotten in print form. Two are short stories under my pen name, Sapphire Phelan, the third is a chapbook of four ghostly tales, under my name, Pamela K. Kinney.
    First one is Crimson Promise,an erotic paranormal by Chippewa Publishing, under my pen name, Sapphire Phelan. The direct purchasing link is and Chippewa’s is .
    Two lonely people: Victor and Na’lesa find love, sex and blood, and not necessarily in that order.
    Victor has escaped to another planet in the future to survive, for Earth is now poison to the Undead. He is the last vampire from Earth that still exists.
    Na’lesa has been alive for eons, the last of her species. She has been changed thanks to a virus invented by the scientists of her race and has become a being who must feed on blood.
    One night, they run into each other over some prey and discovered an attraction to each other.

    The next one, Wedded Magic is a erotic romantic fantasy by my pen name, Sapphire Phelan, too, by LoveYouDivine.Com. It can be gotten at and the direct one is
    Alsnete Tintagil has been married by proxy to a wizard lord, to safeguard magical protection for her father. Lord Alric Tentagil is living under a curse and the wedding night with his new bride is suppose to break the curse, but it doesn’t. Instead both find the erotic magic of a deeply abiding love.

    The last one, Beyond the Four Walls, is under my own name, and like I mentioned earlier, is a chapbook of four ghostly tales, by Naked Snake Press. You can buy it in either print or e-book form at
    and only in print form at Project Pulp at
    Ghosts haunt more than houses and aren’t always bound by four walls as proven by the four stories in Beyond the Four Walls. In “Spectre Dreams and Visitations”, Sherry buys an old book of ghost stories at a yard sale for some good reading and finds that the romantic male ghost haunting it results in something far more than she can handle or even wants. And haunting proves to be a dusty business for one reporter staying the last night of a reputedly haunted movie theater before its demolition in “Gray Dust.” “Hard Drive Haunting” reveals to a young woman that surfing the Internet does even more terrifying damage to her life than a computer virus to her computer. And in the last ghostly tale, “Call in the Night”, a woman finds that the call she’s been receiving each night is definitely more than a wrong number.
    Pamela K. Kinney, aka Sapphire Phelan, too

  25. A J Matthews says:

    Hi Ciar, what a lovely idea! I’ll nominate my book, Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts, a paranormal romantica novel.

    Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts, only from Liquid Silver


    When she has to sell a haunted hotel in New York City, Claudia Mackenzie calls on the best advisor around – British ghost hunter Martin Grey. Expecting a super-nerd, what she gets is a tall, handsome guy with a sexy accent who plucks all the right heartstrings!

    Together they tackle the mystery of the Chestnut Mansion Hotel, a mystery that takes them back in time to witness a bitter family feud, murder, and the theft of an heirloom.

    As events unfold it soon seems it’s not only ghosts they have to worry about! A real-life enemy is on their trail. Can their growing closeness give them the strength to face the danger?

    “A J Matthews has written a fascinating and enjoyable story. I love the way the characters are immersed in the past as observers while the story unfolds for the reader. Instead of the usual time-travel it has time travel elements with a bit of a mystery thrown in. The plot is well developed and the dialog and period details are well done. This is the first book I’ve read by Matthews but it won’t be the last.”

    Reviewed by A. Black, posted by Sensual Romance.


  26. Jules Jones says:

    Okay, I’ll play – with one that ties in to your comment a while back about are we hussies. “Buildup: Mindscan” has some pretty steamy sex in it, and some pretty kinky sex (this is the one that Loose Id made me tone down:-), but there is no sex at all until halfway through the book. Because however kinky the sex may get, it’s there for very good plot reasons. I don’t do smut for smut’s sex — it’s boring to read and it’s even more boring to write…

    When Union Captain Reeve rescues renegade Protectorate scientist Marc Frampton, it’s his job to convince Frampton to give his loyalty to the Union. Reeve doesn’t mind the assignment. He admires Frampton’s courage in resisting interrogation under torture and his obvious intelligence. And he has the patience to wait ‘til Frampton is ready to give up his knowledge…and his body.

    Frampton doesn’t do loyalty. Little wonder, after all he’s been through. He does, however, recognize a debt to the Union, and finds them a hell of a lot more congenial than his last employers — the ones who arranged his tour of hell. He also likes Reeve. A lot more than he’s prepared to admit, because the secrets he’s keeping aren’t just scientific.

    Reeve stumbles on Frampton’s kink quite by accident. The scientist’s D/s bent, and his need for multiple partners, doesn’t bother Reeve, but convincing Frampton may be the hardest mission Reeve’s ever undertaken.

    How far are you willing to go to satisfy your lover?

    Jules Jones

  27. Cassandra Kane says:

    Hi Ciar! I nominate my first published story, an erotic vampire tale called SAY MY NAME which is out on 2 June at It’s a short, so consider it a snack between main meals! Here’s the blurb:

    Working as a waitress in a strip joint is not Jasmine’s idea of fun, but fending off an amorous ex-dancer is the least of her worries. After being attacked by two half-turned vampires in as many days, Jasmine is determined to find out who sent them.

    Her search leads to the vampire couple she abandoned years earlier. Once part of their menage, Jasmine knows they’ve always wanted her back.

    This time, however, they have another reason for wanting her in their bed…


  28. Ciar Cullen says:

    Okay, doing this randomly, I’ve purchased Penelope Marzec’s book LOL and will post a review next week. I’ll get to them all–that’s my goal for the summer! Gosh, maybe for the rest of 2006. You are welcome to keep posting, guys!

  29. Ciara Gold says:

    My first release ever just hit the cyber waves. I’d love to recommend my book to you.

    Celestial Dragon

    Blurb: When ZAN DANE, ruler of Pelicosia, finds ninety-five woman for his men, he never dreams of finding his own mate. Exiled for daring to oppose the Burdven Empire, they have no women, no mates to regenerate their new kingdom and populate it with the sound of children until Zan Dane finds a way to travel across galaxies in search of prospective mates. CHELIAN KAR is Deliphit, an outcast with supernatural powers. Though she is the daughter of the High Chancellor of Kel, Satobik laws prohibit her from having physical contact with anyone. While other young women are mated to men chosen by their fathers, Chelian has no such hope until Zan Dane soars into her life. With an offer of zeel, a commodity most men would die for, Zan Dane convinces her father to allow the union. Will his journey lead him to a treasure richer than zeel?

    But if you want a sneak peek, I have the first two scenes posted on my website.

    I’m off for the summer, so I’m hoping to read a lot also, but already my summer is filling up with kid activities. Arggg. I want reading and writing time. Thanks for inviting us to do this.

    Ciara Gold

  30. Anonymous says:

    THE PAWN authored by Nancy Minnis Damato received “must read” by Midwest Book Review, exceptional from TCM Review, richly written and recommended by Reader to Reader and five hearts from RTS. The first book of a family saga begins in 1879 with a young woman planning her escape from a strict community, but when she makes her choice she becomes THE PAWN in a plot to destroy everything she values and perhaps, her own life. You won’t be able to put it down.
    Read first chapter on or order through

  31. Moreen Clarke says:

    I’d like to nominate my book IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS. It is filled with old world romanticism, steamy sexual encounters and has a mysterious twist.

    Published in July 2005, it is available on (reviews are posted), but I highly recommend the PayPal on my website, because it’s cheaper.

    There is a typo in the very first line of the prologue. Don’t let that throw you, it’s the only one. If you do select my book, I truly hope you enjoy it.

    “It was the ending to another chapter in a book not yet begun. It was life and so he reasoned if you were to live-you could not let life get in the way. Thinking back to just a few minutes earlier, how kind she tried to be. You could cut the tension with a knife and a smile never crossed her face. He wondered if he’d disappointed her so greatly she sought only to exit, make good her escape and run. Run away just as fast and as far as she could and never look back.”

    Alone for several years after the untimely death of her fiance, Olivia Cane explores an internet dating service in hopes of finding her perfect knight. Enter Malcolm First, romantic, intellectual and mysterious. Throwing caution to the wind they begin a passionate email correspondence designed to capture each other’s hearts. Olivia falls head over heels in love and it seems Malcolm is equally enthralled with her. Yet, when she presses for a meeting he hesitates, and questions begin to form in her mind. Who is he, where is he, and why does he continually postpone meeting with her? Despite the cautionary advice of friends and family, Olivia chooses to listen only to her heart, believing she knows him best. She is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of old world romanticism and steamy sexual fantasies, building to a climactic first meeting with Malcolm that will shatter both of their worlds. Can the love they created in their minds survive the reality of his deception?

    When the love created in your mind is not the love you find, you could get lost somewhere between imagination and reality….

    If Only In My Dreams

    by R. Moreen Clarke

    Enjoy the day!!


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