Review! Kiss of Blarney by Penelope Marzec

Hey, so I’ve started. I picked randomly from the list of self-nominated titles, and my intention is to read each book! I started with Penelope Marzec’s Kiss of Blarney. New Concepts Publishing (

Okay, now. I live in New Jersey. This book takes place about a 30 minute drive from me, “down the shore” as they say here, and in the Pine Barrens. When I drive through the Pine Barrens (think pines, and think barren), I keep my eyes peeled for the Jersey Devil, purported to torment the area. And the Pineys, real folk who may or may not shoo you off their property with a shot gun. Yes, I said New Jersey.

I’ve never kept my eyes peeled for Irish Kings and Princesses. But according to Ms. Marzec’s story, they drink in Irish pubs down the shore and hang out on enchanted islands with evil druid dragons. Sound preposterous enough yet? See how silly a book can sound in a review? This book is so much fun!

Kiss of Blarney is a lovely fairly tale with a deftly interwoven sensuality. Ms. Marzec’s strength (at least in this book, my first read of hers) is her characters. I’m not sure how she pulled it off in fifty pages. Penelope doesn’t hit you over the head with the “what is he thinking, feeling, feeling, feeling” stuff. There’s a lot of telling. You know, sometimes telling works. I simply liked these characters from page one, found Shay intriguing and captivating, found our heroine Ula cute and enchanting, and I even liked the dog. She doesn’t really describe the dog, and I still liked it. In fact, now that I think about it, she didn’t really describe the evil dragon, or the kind druidess, or the pine barrens in much detail. But I believed it all, as if in a dream. In fact, this book is much like a lovely dream, in which you get the plot, the feel, and the meaning clearly, but the details are a little fuzzy. I rooted for the couple, and yes, the sex scene was great!

Bottom line: a short, easy read–a delightful way to spend an evening. Priced right at the cost of a cappucino. Ms. Marzec has an easy natural writing style and a lot of talent and I’ll look for longer works of hers. The Russian judge wants to give it a 4 of five, but I’m overruling (hey, it’s my blog), and giving it a 4.2 for imagination!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Review! Kiss of Blarney by Penelope Marzec

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a terrific novella called “The Barrens” written by the horror writer F. Paul Wilson. It not only mentions the Jersey Devil and the Pineys, but also gets into the strange marsh lights that float above the woods.

    I won’t ask you to read it as it is pretty damn scary, but I’d recommend it to any horror reader.


  2. Penelope Marzec says:


    Thanks for the terrific review! I am so glad you enjoyed Kiss of Blarney. I was away for a few days and it was nice to come home to such a wondeful surprise.


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