Review: Mistaken Identity by Silvia Hubbard

Wow! I’m not sure where to begin this review. What conflict I feel over this book! So I’ll start at the beginning: and Amazon. I think this is a self-published book; I bought it at Lulu. Please forgive me if I’m in error, Ms. Hubbard. Okay, can’t delay any longer. I shouldn’t have liked this book. It’s sprinkled with typos, has a number of grammatical problems, etc. There’s a bit, no, let me correct that–a lot of infidelity. It’s one of the central plot elements in fact. I hate reading about infidelity, but this is in part a comedy, and the infidelity isn’t quite what you might think as you first get into the book. I never thought I’d find a need to use the name “Shakespeare” on my blog, but here goes: this reminded me for all the world of a modern take on a Shakespearean comedy. Twin sisters (albeit gold-digging sisters, plotting all sorts of nastiness), a pro ball player (player in more than one sense of the word–a guy I should hate but couldn’t), an endless comedy of errors, lots and lots and lots of in-your-face almost raunchy sex, a menage (two men, ladies, belly up to the bar), and some pretty unbelievable plot points. I’m about as white as a white woman can get, so there were also cultural “huh” moments for me, as our protagonists are Black, and quite contemporary. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to mention that? Tough. It was really, really refreshing for me.

I loved this book. I really did, despite all my misgivings. It’s sexy, and that never hurts. I mean, beyond sexy. I think what I liked best is that Ms. Hubbard made me literally laugh out loud–repeatedly. Silvia Hubbard’s writing has a realistic bite to it, with quick, realistic dialog, characters that sometimes border on characature, but they never really become unbelievable. What a very talented lady!!!!! I would love to see more of Silvia’s books, and I see she’s put out quite a few. Now I’m really venturing into politically incorrect territory here, but again, it’s my blog. I’d love to see a book by Silvia Hubbard that isn’t all about sex, perhaps a family saga. No, I’m not suggesting a rewrite of The Color Purple. I simply mean that there’s a talent for characterization and a keen observation of life that might warrant a bigger, more profound subject than a comedy of errors and erotica. Dare I say it? I think she’s capable of writing “literature.” What the hell, she can write what she likes. I do not understand why she hasn’t been picked up by a major publisher, but hey, maybe she has and I don’t know it, or maybe that’s just her business.

Honestly, if you want a break from the paranormal and shapeshifters and vampires and wizards and elves, if you thought you’d read all the hot scenes imaginable and are looking for more–or if you just want something different, buy this book. This writer is truly funny, has more natural, if unhoned, talent in her little finger than I’ll ever have in my lifetime, and doesn’t pull punches of any sort. I have no idea what “number” to rate this book, torn between what I hated and what I loved. But it has my recommendation.


3 thoughts on “Review: Mistaken Identity by Silvia Hubbard

  1. Sylvia Hubbard says:

    it was truly an honor to read your comments about the book. At first I was like oh gawd, she didn’t like it. but as i kept reading – yeah i know there’s typos and i’m so pissed at the original editor about that to which I’m now correcting as we speak for a better product – I started to smile.

    I loved how you said “I shouldn’t have liked this book,” and I was honored that I was compared to shakespeare. (bowing quite graciously). I’ve always wanted to do a twin story, but in my head, I really had not seen this story coming out of me.

    Thank you for enjoying the urban “black” feel too. I really don’t look at myself as a crossover author – although in my second book, Stone’s Revenge – I was confused for a white author writing about blacks. LOL.

    Thank you so much! The only complaint I do have is that you spelled my name wrong, but even that’s okay. At least you didn’t spell it like last guy I broke up with, Slivia (which is the reason why I broke up with him.)

  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    See what I mean about typos? Didn’t I tell you typos were okay, Slivia ;o)
    Thanks for an awesome read! And for visiting again. Let us know whenever you have a new release :o)

  3. Shelia says:

    Your review makes the reader want to go pick up a copy.

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