The Loops, Oh, the Loops!

On my loop yesterday, we were complaining about, um, loops. Writers simply don’t have too much choice—they have to promote their books, and unless they have an advertising budget to take out glossy ads every month in RT, they’re going to be on loops. They probably will anyway. It would be nice if you could just put a note on a big board: “Buy The Biggest Kahuna at Loose ID. It’s great. And while you’re in the mood, buy all my books.” Yes, there’s overkill of promos on the loops, and I wonder if anyone reads any of the promos. That aside, we chatted about the other stuff that drives us insane.
1. My pet peeve: “I want _________, you can’t have him.” Fill in name of fictional hero in the blank. This can go on for a day or more. Annoying. Adolescent. Hate it.
2. One of us hates the short phrase battle: “Did too.” “Did not.” “Uh huh.” “Hot.” If I weren’t on ‘no mail’ I’d kill over that.
3. The writers who host contests in which everyone posts a number. More than once. Bad idea. Honestly.
4. The writers congratulating each other (yes, I’ll probably continue to do this). Cassandra Kane pointed out that writers generally feel an obligation to not look like bitches to the readers, and one way they can do that is be nice. Truthfully, except for a few good friends or someone new who’s struggling with a first release or something, I’m not internalizing someone else’s review or news. Example: I really like Michelle Pillow’s books. They’re right up my alley. She’s pretty much guaranteed to get good reviews. When that happens, do I need to write “nice job!” Does she have a database in which she enters responses to her good news? Unlikely. Would she hate me if I didn’t respond? Probably not. Would she notice? Hell no. Cassandra had a good idea—if you’re really happy for someone, write them an email. What a novel idea. Probably won’t do it.
5. Someone really hated the xposting of personal sagas. That doesn’t bother me much—folks do what they need to do. When I had something going on at home, the good wishes of loopmates helped me a lot. Birthday wishes don’t bother me either. Cards and money are better of course.
6. Here’s one that really gets to me: The self-appointed expert. The moderator (who isn’t the actual moderator). You know her (there are several of hers). They know about grammar, genres, agents, print publishing, epublishing, the cure for cancer, how to achieve world peace, and where Osama Bin Laden is hiding out. They do everything right, they never do anything wrong. And they have LOTS of pet peeves. I’m sure I’m giving them fodder here.
7. YOU fill in the rest. What drives you nutty?


6 thoughts on “The Loops, Oh, the Loops!

  1. Dennie McDonald says:

    holy cow – I am reading along then whamo the thing starts talking to me (I had the sound turned way up ’cause I had been listening to music but paused it when the kids started fighting yada-yada) scared the crap outta me – I love it!

    Denise Belinda McD – otherwise known as Dennie

  2. Annie Owl in GA says:

    very clever and unfortunately all too true! thanks for giving me such a laugh so early in the morning:}
    annie owl in GA {who did absolutely LOVE Kahuna!!!! and no i’m not promo-ing}

  3. Laurie D. says:

    I think you’ve covered it quite nicely. Damn, with all of these irritations on he loops, why do we stick around? I ignore the repeat offenders, have blocked some who are especially annoying, and yes, I’ve left several loops after realizing that I wasn’t keeping up and didn’t really care. Interesting topic.

  4. Valerie Bongards says:

    It’s no wonder I love your books!! They way you write is wonderful!! This is a great post…hitting on a lot of stuff, but in a kind of *tongue-in-cheek* comical way. All too true, but funny!! Thanks!!


  5. Nicole says:

    Great topic. I haven’t developed any loop pet peeves yet.I guess I just go with the flow and not let too much bother me.

  6. Rene Lyons says:

    #6 is a HUGE killer for me too. There is one author I want to strangle the life right out of because she’s one of these. Good Lord, how it irks me! I like to call it the God Syndrome. grrrr

    BTW…HIi Ciar! lol

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