Nothing controversial here! Just wanted to look at Gregory Peck when he was young and skinny and awfully confused looking. I’m been searching for the next “muse,” not satisfied with all the hunky half naked models who look kinda like guys from the Jersey Shore to me lately. So I went back in time. Sigh. See, nothing to even chat about. Simply, sigh. What happened to guys like him? Do they still exist? For the record, I’ll never see a better looking man than this, ever. Who takes the cake as far as you’re concerned?


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Penelope Marzec says:

    LOL about the guys from the Jersey Shore. Sometimes, when the waves are high from hurricanes offshore, I go and watch the surfers for inspiration.

    But going back it time is a great idea. Clark Gable always made my heart throb.

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