Love Romances Loves The Biggest Kahuna!

Thanks Danny for five hearts! “THE BIGGEST KAHUNA is a very unusual story, which will enchant the reader from the first page onward. Ms. Cullen’s idea to use the Hawaiian mythology for a novel is simply brilliant. It is fascinating to get to know the different deities of the Hawaiian mythology. No matter if you take Kal, the Shark God or his sister Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes, they are really interesting characters. The whole cast of the characters is unique in their own way and absolutely lovable.”


One thought on “Love Romances Loves The Biggest Kahuna!

  1. Shelley Munro says:

    Congrats on the review!

    I hope you had a lovely time in Mexico. I didn’t drink margaritas for a long, long time after my visit to Mexico LOL I remember skipping down a street in Mexico city…and the headache the next morning…

    I do like margaritas 🙂

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