Now Reading: The Mysteries, Lisa Tuttle

I’ll get to the self-nominated books soon, promise. Next up is Lady of Two Lands, and then YOUR book. But on the way to and from Mexico, I got caught up in a bestseller. It’s a bestseller for good reason. The Mysteries, by Lisa Tuttle (the first I’ve read of hers) is stunning. Surprising. Outstanding. Compelling. It will either inspire you to become a better writer, or you’ll throw your laptop out the window. It’s that good. I won’t spoil it, but Ms. Tuttle jumps from several first person characters to third person godlets to diaries to tell the story of folks who disappear. And where do they go? Can anyone pronounce Sidhe? Phew, very, very unexpected. This is the wisest combination of fresh contemporary literature and haunting fantasy, with a dash of supsense and even thriller. Get this book, and see what’s possible when you hone your skills and let your mind really work freely. Okay, got to log off now to throw my computer out the window!


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