Review! Handle Me With Care

Diane Charles Linford
Handle Me With Care

Unfortunately I’m at home where it’s hard to post covers (some screwy AOL thing), but if you haven’t see the wonderful cover of this book, do go look at the link above. Okay, I’ve been meaning (trying) to review this work for quite a while. I’m going to try to make sense, since both Diane Charles Linford’s story (and Chuck, my wonderful supportive pal) are on my mind (and were as I read this). If you don’t know the complicated story behind the story of this book, well…perhaps Chuck will chime in. It’s his call.
I’ll get the easy part out of the way–read this book. It’s not perfect (I haven’t read anything that is), and it’s not always comfortable (I’ll resist all the sage words about things that are worth it…blah blah blah), but it’s very real. I didn’t say realistic, but real. It has an honesty to it that struck me from page 1. Handle Me With Care is a very complex mix of romance, thriller (as a non-thriller fan, I’ll say it wasn’t too much even for me), and…something else, not unlike the book (below) The Mysteries, I was just raving about. Unexpected, that’s the word. I don’t mean that a (very, very compelling sexy) young black man would pursue (and I mean from the heart) an older white woman. Or that they have a paranormal connection, which takes off, and how! The writing is real–except for the borderline tongue-in-cheek stuff and some laugh out loud moments that pull you back into awareness of being a reader rather than the protagonist. Somewhere in the back of my head I think Stephen exists, perhaps because I read this twice. I’m kinda glad he wasn’t killed off (this book was rewritten so that he would survive to make it to the romance shelves), kinda sorry he was. This is an exceptionally hard title to characterize, and I possibly liked it for that as well. It fits fine into traditional erotic romance, whatever that is, I suppose, but to call it that seems to be missing out on what I can only call “literary” elements. Ugh. Buy the book, and stretch your brain a little. This book gets a 4.65348, with an error margin of infinity.


One thought on “Review! Handle Me With Care

  1. Myrddred says:

    Wow! Okay, so Ciar wrote to me and confessed she’d taken the plunge and reviewed this literary black hole I’d sent to her.

    First she tells you as a reader that there is so much going on underneath the collaberation that she can’t quite describe what’s right about the book. Well, I guess that’s true. The collaberation between my wife and me was posthumus and Diane’s death was still a raw sore on my soul. I could not speak without breaking down in tears. However, I could write. Maybe I could cleanse my anger and grief through writing.

    As Terry put it so succinctly, I wanted [needed] to kill the hero–to confront my own grief. I had originally written my hero, Stephen, and heroine, Lyssa, meeting one final time on the fantasy plane of dreams where she would introduce him to his newborn son.

    I couldn’t help it. As Ciar deduced from that sequence, that subtext [my hero’s demise] existed even after I revised it for my publisher’s request for an HEA. Thus the discomfort inherent in reading certain moments, certain portions.

    I apologize for any over the top humor or smart-alecky stuff that jars you out of the scene. Unfortunately, I was trained as an actor/playwright and the people I knew were often like that.

    You know what? Here I am rambling and I really want to thank my kind host for bringing my book to your attention.

    Thank you, Terry/Ciar.

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