On Marketing Gimmicks…I Mean, Plans

I love the gecko, I really do. Not tired of him yet, not at all. Wonder who does the voice? Anyway, the loops (on my mind a lot these days, eh?) are really (it seems) turning into an endless stream of promos. And as I go to add my own, I’ve found myself backing off lately. Some of these posts look almost desperate–“Pick me! Pick me!” So I hope you’ll chime in published authors and tell us what you think really, really works in marketing your ebooks (ebooks or ebook/trade). Here are the ones I honestly think may be a waste of time: banners, chats (live), review posting overkill, bookmarks, etc. They may increase your visibility, which I guess could ultimately lead to sales. It still seems that the best tool may be to hitch yourself to a good-selling company, have several (or many, many) releases. What do YOU think? I do love that gecko. But I’ll never buy Geico insurance. That’s my point, I guess.


2 thoughts on “On Marketing Gimmicks…I Mean, Plans

  1. Natalie Damschroder says:

    I’d love to hear what READERS feel about it.

    I tend not to post stuff, because of the reasons you cited, because I feel like I’m pitching mostly to writers, all of whom have the same limited dollars and dozens of writing friends who need support as I do.

  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    Yes, good point, I’d love to hear from readers too! When I look at the member lists on the loops in which you can see them (a few only, including my own of course), I’m stunned by the percentage of writers vs. readers! On the other hand, some couple hundred of folks just bought a book of mine, and I’d love to know how many are writers themselves. Ah, well, everyone selling anything would love to know their demographics, right? And a sale is a sale. One reason I’m buying books for review is simply out of respect for other writers. The number of “free” copies of any book floating around–ugh, can’t stand to contemplate that for very long…

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