Controversial Snarky Post! Important! Must Read!

How many ways have I wasted the last hour? How many can you list?

1. Writing or Reading this post/blog
2. Writing or Reading a blog about posts
3. W/R a blog about loops
4. W/R the loops
5. Visiting “snarky” blogs about whether it’s okay to be snarky or not
6. Compulsively looking for reviews of your own books (especially since the readers say they don’t base their buying decisions on reviews)
7. Compulsively checking your email
8. Rereading the freaking guidelines for some publisher when you know them by heart. (They still aren’t going to pull your book from the slushpile.)
9. Compulsively checking the number of visitors to your loop/site/blog/whatever
10. Weighing yourself again
11. Oh, I almost forgot the most important one–discussing erotic romance

Have you pet your cat or dog today? Told your loved one how much they’re loved? Taken a walk? Written a single freaking word? Note to self: butt in chair, get off internet, at least long enough to write something coherent, if possible.


2 thoughts on “Controversial Snarky Post! Important! Must Read!

  1. Rene Lyons says:

    OMG! I think we’re twins. I’ve wasted the time in almost the exact same fashion.

    Man I really need to get writing. Ever realize books don’t write themselves? lol

  2. Angela James says:

    I just want to tell you how glad I am the talking head is gone, lol. I always forgot he was there and when I’d come here, BAM! There’s a voice talking to me. And yet I knew I took my meds 😉

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