Is it Getting Harder or Easier?

I have no idea really what the Flatiron Building has to do with this topic. Except that it’s probably my favorite building in this country, and sometimes I feel this…unusual. Kinda different from every angle. 1901 I think it was built.

I was home writing today, a break from the day job, and only cranked out 2K. I cannot seem to pull off those mammoth sessions anymore–you know the ones–you write as a woman possessed, the story pulling at you, compelling you… What the hell happened? One thing I realized as I reread what I wrote today. It’s not as rough as my first drafts used to be. Not even close.

I’m kinda yearning for the time when I used dialog tags and didn’t know what “telling” was and had no idea that it probably wasn’t a good idea to change POV every other sentence. Man was I cranking it out.

You lose a little something as you gain a little something. I guess learning is kinda like that. As a child, you can be a free spirit, not knowing the rules of what’s acceptable, what’s make-believe, what’s…okay. I miss that a little. I sure as hell miss that pace. I wonder if you can go back again, not self-edit as you go along. Has this happened to you as well?


4 thoughts on “Is it Getting Harder or Easier?

  1. Rene Lyons says:

    Well I do catch myself stopping if I’m about to write ‘that’, and some other filler words. And I am careful about the dialologue tages. But I do keep things going and worry about the passive writing and other stuff later. If I had to stop and think about each and every ‘rule’ as I went along I’d bang my head against the wall and give up writing altogether! Because, Ciar, you’re right. You do loose a little to gain a little. But I never want to loose the sense of make-believe.

    I’m sure Angie hates me for it! lol

  2. Myrddred says:

    Over the last two days I wrote about three thousand words and I too felt disappointed that I didn’t do more…so your comment made me feel better about my output.

    Not to mention I’m between edits as well.

    But yeah, as you get older (more experienced?) you throw away stuff which is much better written than the stuff you used to keep.

    I have file drawers and boxes full of stuff which gives me mixed feelings. Not great writing–but oh, the enthusiasm and energy with which I wrote them…

    Just what we needed: yet another sign of aging.

  3. Lyn Cash says:

    You lose a little something as you gain a little something.

    *SIGH* I have often thought the same thing. I can’t even make out a grocery list without editing the darned thing now. *wry grin*

    The new book looks awesome (as do the earrings you’re giving away).


  4. Sara Dennis says:

    Man, if I do 2K in a day, I feel pretty good about myself. I only occasionally get more than that. Granted, I feel *better* then, but, 2K’s good.

    And yes, I spend a lot more time thinking about all of the things I ‘can’t’ do. Writing. It’s a tricky, tricky thing.

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