Come and Post Your Love

Is there someone who deserves your undying, eternal gratitude? An editor who guided you through your first book? A cover artist who got it just right? A husband or wife who propped you up when you were ready to quit? An agent (oh hell, do I have to hear about how much you love your agent–I’ll be ill, honestly)? A crit partner? Your cat? Tell us about him or her–go ahead, gush, and then let them know you did. Brighten the day of some unsung hero.


13 thoughts on “Come and Post Your Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I just nominate a whole group of people? Sure I can.

    Everyone at Loose Id! Yes EVERYONE!
    The Quad for starting such a fantastic company.
    Treva for offering me a postion as an editor.
    Allie for being so supportive, and starting me down this path. That contest will always be fondly remembered – if I finish that book or not LOL.
    Raven for her patience with me.
    My authors – Deanna, Cher, Ciar, Beth, Caitlyn, Shaz, Kiera, Kassie and Mel – for writing such fantastic stories. And for teaching me so much about the writing process and writing in general.
    The other authors and editors at LI – cause a more supportive, fun group I have never met!


  2. Caffey says:

    Ciar, as I reader, I just want to thank you and the authors, you all brought joy back into by life during these difficult times through your friendships, stories and being there. So thank you Ciar.

  3. Lauren Dane says:

    My, so many people!!!

    My editor at Ellora’s Cave, Ann Leveille, who works so hard to make me a better writer with each book.

    My editor at Samhain – Angie that minx – who makes me laugh with her comments in track changes and who also kicks my butt and makes my participles not dangle so much.

    My bestest writer friends on the planet – Anya Bast and Megan Hart for being wonderful, supportive and creative friends who have been there for me over and over to share my joys and listen to me whine.

    The kindest, most thoughtful readers in the world who take the time to read my books and then to write me about them. I’m so fortunate.

    And the author community at Samhain and Ellora’s Cave – I’ve always felt supported and so many times people have gone out of their way to help me, I’m just always touched by their generousity.

  4. Rene Lyons says:

    Lauren, I have to agree with you about Angie. I adore her. She walked me through my edits and made it something fun…okay, so she made me cut the million ‘that’s’ and ‘so’s’, but how can I hate her for that? After all, she tickles my danglies until they dangle no more. lol

    And my daughter. She’s my light.

    The ladies of Sacturay’s Finest who are biggest cheering section. Every author…wait, let me rephrase that…every woman…should have friends like them.

  5. Sierra says:

    Okay, I’d have a hard time with just one, too, but first is definitely my long-suffering and much neglected husband, without whom I would be miserable and likely starve. How much more supportive can a man be than to cook you dinner and bring it up to you while you’re stuck at the computer, trying to make a deadline? (Boy did I ever marry the right man!)

    And Sheri Ross Fogarty at Changeling, for giving me a shot in the first place, and for believing in me. What a wonderful feeling that is! Thanks, too, to all the Changeling authors, who really exemplify for me what the term “mutual support” is all about.

    The readers who have been willing to take a chance on the new girl, and who have been so incredibly generous with their support and praise and patience with my insecurities! You guys remind me to laugh, every single day — and that’s a very precious thing.

    Okay, okay, that’s enough! Thanks for the opportunity to say a well-earned word of gratitude, Ciar — what a wonderful idea!

    — Sierra Dafoe

  6. Mechele Armstrong says:

    What a great idea, Ciar! Hmm let’s see.

    To my critique partners, Shy, Flesa and Melissa, who are just awesome. To my test readers who kept me straight…or I guess more accurately in menage mentality for Dinah’s Dark Desire.

    To my editor, Erin, who’s just awesome and was the first one to believe in me. To Loose Id for taking a chance on me.

    To everyone at Loose Id for being so supportive. It’s such a great community of talent.

    To the reviewers who take the time to read and review my work. I love it when they get it. To the readers who are nice enough to let me know, hey I enjoyed that. You don’t know how much each good review and each note means.

    To the cover artists (Scott C., April Martinez, & Syneca), wow, the work done on my covers is just awesome.

    As my other author ego, to Melissa for writing with me. To JERR and Golden Gateway for having such wonderful contests for us to enter and do so well in. And to Ellora’s Cave for believing in our writing.

  7. Ciar Cullen says:

    Well, on the day when I got my first PRINT copy of something I wrote (Mayan Nights author copies arrived today), it seemed like a good time to answer my own question. I do owe thanks to tireless editors, publishers, artists, web wizards, fellow authors who have helped me over these two years. And one belated thank you to a person I’m no longer associated with. Gail Northman of Triskelion Publishing. Thank you Gail, for a few things–suggesting stories, cheering me on. Even though it wasn’t a longterm relationship, I need to own up my gratitude. And especially, for reminding me not to write outside my comfort zone. Your final advice to me as I started publishing elsewhere has stayed with me, and even though you may never see this, I feel better for having written it.
    If I start naming folks like Cyn Tregarth and Lorri-Lynne Brown and Chuck and my new Evil Editor Angie W and such, I’ll miss someone, I know it. So I’m going to single out a few readers and reviewers: Laurie Damron, Valerie Bongards, Pam Pellini, and Danny Bruggenheim (is that your last name LOL?). Because when I thought I sucked, you somehow always managed to tell me I don’t. And when I still think I suck, you still find the energy to say “atta girl.” Major props to you! And anyway, isn’t is about the readers (even though I think Pam has won any book I’ve written LOL).

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ditto on the good people at LI, because they published my first novel and have been nothing but wonderful to me 😀

    HUGE mega thanks to Sasha at Samhain, for seeing so much potential in some works that I’d about given up on, and for being an all-round fabulous person! **hugs**

    Major love to every reader who ever bought any of my books, YOU GUYS ROCK!

    The very most love goes to five guys who will never, ever read this (probably): Radiohead, who literally saved my life. They don’t know it, but I wouldn’t be here – here as in alive and here as in an author – without them. So, yeah 🙂

    Ciar, you have the best blog stuff 😀


  9. Pam P. says:

    Aw, Ciar/Terry, I’ve loved your books from the first one. Now get that word “suck” out of your vocabulary, lol. I have been lucky winning your books, but then you made it so easy giving all those copies away, lol. Just looked, I did actually buy three (including one of my faves, Ghosts of Key West–and still waiting for Harry’s story), and you know I would’ve bought every one if I hadn’t won them. I’m so thrilled you finally have a print copy in your hands.

    Thanks to you and all the ebook authors for giving us avid readers so many exciting books to enjoy.

  10. Valerie Bongards says:

    Hi Ciar,

    I’d have to thank the whole ebook community for brightening up my life, for the fantastic books to read, for the opportunity to read great authors like yourself, to make wonderful friends like Pam, L2, you, Cyn, Mik and so many others. To even have the opportunity to work in the business in a small way, I love it!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to say this Ciar.


  11. Gail says:


    I did see it, and thank you for your kind words.

    I wish you much happiness, Ciar.

    P.S. the picture of you in Mexico is great… you look way cool lol


  12. Lauren Dane says:

    BTW, I’m going to swipe this and put it up at my blog, giving you full credit of course. I just think it’s a wonderful idea.


  13. Shaz says:

    Hmm… I’m a couple of days late – blame the time difference. Well, frist I have to say my ‘other half’. Excuse the cliche but it feels true most of the time. L2 and everyone in management at Loose-Id for giving me a great opportunity. L2 again for being a great editor and a generally nice person. All the writers over there who have made me feel so welcome, especially Beth as well as you, Ciar, for showing me such help and support. And all my friends who have done the same whether they are interested in the genre or not. Basically everyone for handling my book with such care even with regards to the cover.

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