It’s Just a Horse

Someone at work today asked me why I would be so upset that a horse (Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro) would probably be put down soon, perhaps within 24 hours according to his surgeon. My friend mentioned the conflict in the Middle East, the tragedy in India, starving children. I don’t know why it affected me. I guess we all root for someone facing tough odds, even if that someone is a horse. Then it struck me that anything can become a metaphor for struggle and loss. Shrug. I know it’s just a horse. But he was beautiful.


4 thoughts on “It’s Just a Horse

  1. SM says:

    I am with you on the Barbaro thing. He is, somehow, much more than “just a horse”. Perhaps it has to do with all of the other things on the news that your co-worker mentioned. Rather than violence and total disregard for life, her is a living creature who was injured doing what he was trained to do. He was simply running for sport. He has no idea of the violence and awful images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. He was just running and now may pay the ultimate price.
    God Speed, Barbaro, and may you be surrounded by the healing energy of the universe.
    (Yes, there is a tear in my eye as I type)

  2. SM says:

    uh, 6th line down should read “HERE”, not “her”

  3. Lyn Cash says:

    I love that horse – such spirit. Nobody will ever convince me that he doesn’t have a soul.

  4. Cathie says:

    Makes me think of losing my cat last summer. Patches was part of the family. I was so torn for weeks and too, there comes a day now and then i’ll cry again. There are some things that touch us individually more than for another. Doesn’t mean we care less on the others, but that with our sadness, we grieve in different ways for each of them. And too we have different feelings than one would because we put our opinion in with it, we are our own unique individual. (like for example you may feel more sadden with the horse because that story touched you hard or another example a mother that has a son overseas, my be sadden more by a lost in the military because that area touched her more. But she still may feel sadness for the horse but expresses it differently. I know I sound like i’m babbling, but it comes down to the way we express our emotions to issues varies each moment of the day along with differnt events.
    So too, is this the horse that was injured during the race a while ago and they tried to save him with surgery and he was doing well for a while? Gosh, I was hooked on that story cuz I wanted it to work for him.

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