OMG I’m writing Stargate

Have you ever gotten one of those terrible, sinking feelings in your gut as you watch a TV show or movie? The OMG-I’m-writing-this-thing-right-now feeling? Ugh. Happened this weekend. I was just vegging after errands and the original Stargate (the awful film, not the awful cheesy TV mac-franchise–sorry, Cynnara) was about half over. I remember how cute and young what’s-his-name was, and watched for a bit. Then it hit me. OH NO! SciFi Egyptians. Sort of. With technology, sort of. Oh just freaking marvelous–the premise underneath my WIP. My meisterwerk, my “this one will finally get me somewhere” book.

I know there are only about 7 original plots (or am I confusing that with the Kevin Bacon game?), but crickey, I was really using Stargate as the backdrop of my new fantasy. Is it senility? Is it that stuff gets in the brain and rolls around for a while and becomes part of your own personal cultural backdrop until you forget you didn’t make it up?

Sooo, my monuments are going to get flatter and all my Egyptian names are going to become Babylonian or something. AAARGH. Has this happened to you? One reason I can’t really get into vampire books is because I read THE vampire book, ya know? (It’s a related thought, honestly.) Okay, gonna hear it about that one.


5 thoughts on “OMG I’m writing Stargate

  1. Myrddred says:

    Oh for heavens sake! Why can’t you rewrite Stargate? You know darn well by the time you’ve finished, it’ll be different from the original. Just like my boy meets alternate dimension girl isn’t all that unique a plot, but hey! It’s still mine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish someone could come up with something original!

    I feel like I’ve read the same books over and over and all that’s changed is the name.

    Sometimes not even that. Miami Vice is playing at the theaters. Resurrecting old TV shows and comic books for ideas.

    Stale. Readers and movie goers at least want a fresh approach. Seldom delivered.

  3. Rene Lyons says:

    lol I just read and article on Romamcing the Blog written by an editor or agent (I didn’t catch which she was). She stated she’d turned down three vamp manuscripts becasue their scenes were interchangable…and that teh setting of the couple running with motel/hotel scenes has been done to deth. Well, guess what? Right. My WIP has the main couple on the run for a short time and yep…you guessed it again…they hide in a hotel. Am I changing it? Not one word. ;p

  4. Ciar Cullen says:

    But Rene, she or he didn’t reject cool Knights Templar I bet. Okay, so you proved me wrong. Not all vampires are bad. Wait, yes they are. I mean, some may be as good as Lestat. Or bad. Hmmn, just takes a lot for me to like them–otherwise I’m left with this “oh, gosh, look–there’s an ultra-alpha guy who’s going to exert an otherworldly pull on this chick”–read it already. Oh wait, I’ve written that too, sans fangs.

  5. Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan says:

    Hey Stargate ROCKS! Not the movie, but the show is great! Yes, I’ve watched movies and shows and thought – EGADS this looks terribly familiar. It’s worse when I read a book – because that shuts down my WIP a lot faster. Nothing worse than the ‘It’s been done already!’ sinking feeling.

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