It’s Just a Horse, But…

Any other totally sentimental slobs with any interest in horses and know the name Barbaro will enjoy this. I almost cried, and I’m not terribly ashamed to admit it. To watch the miracle survivor getting a little sunshine, click here.


3 thoughts on “It’s Just a Horse, But…

  1. Anonymous says:

    OH! *sniff* I’m so happy he’s made it this far! You’re not the only one who gets misty about him beating the odds against him surviving such a horrible injury. Thanks for the update and pic (you can really see how frail he got). Nothing has been in the news around here for ages!


  2. SM says:

    Awwwwww….thanks for posting that video! I too got a bit misty.

  3. Lady Aeval says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Horses are beautiful creatures that should be loved and pampered. Look at all they did for us. My dream is to own a small ranch to nurse back mistreated horses.

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