This is very personal, but I’m sharing because…

I know you all get mighty sick of hearing what you should and shouldn’t do regarding your health, etc. But I want to share, because it might just nudge one person closer to a good decision.

My doc (for no reason I can figure out) sent me for a colonoscopy a year before my 50th birthday, the baseline suggested date. So, a year early, I bite the
bullet (and no, it’s not fun, but hey, I’m a clean machine now) and
got the test done today.

I opened my eyes sleepily expecting to see my husband alone cracking
his little jokes. Well, he was there, cracking his jokes. He claims I
called him a jackass many times. Also there within a few moments was
the surgeon.

Seems he removed three “massive” polyps that had not yet embedded
into the wall of my colon, and are likely precancerous, but perhaps
cancerous; I’ll know in a few. Even if they are cancer, he’s removed them and I should be good to
go for another 6 months, when he’ll go in and snip any new ones. And
so it will go for as long as I’m on the earth.

He told me if I would have waited a year (my fiftieth, the
recommended time for a first colonoscopy), he’d be removing my colon
and treating me for cancer. I asked if he were sure, and he said he
was completely sure. So my first reaction was shock. My second, incredible gratitude.

So folks, am I lucky? I have some good guardian angels. One of them
is named Raj Chawla, who for some reason sent me a year early for the
test. He’s getting a hug so big it’s going to knock his purple turban
off. I don’t mean any disrespect by that remark–this is simply a very flamboyant fellow with a huge mustache and this wonderful headdress. He also looks like he’s about 20.

Suddenly, my husband’s loss of job isn’t quite as important. But
we’re only human, and I’m sure I’ll be fretting over that again by
the morning.

I’m obviously sharing partly to encourage any chickens out there to
take care.



3 thoughts on “This is very personal, but I’m sharing because…

  1. Natalie Damschroder says:

    Wow, Ciar! I’m so glad to hear this story. So often it’s the opposite. Good news for you!

  2. Jenn on the Island says:

    Wow, Ciar.

    That sure is one kick ass guardian angel you’ve got.

    I want to say congratulations, but it seems a bit of an odd sentiment….


  3. Jennah says:

    Good for you. My mother had colon cancer at age 38 but recovered and is now 56 with no recurrances. Hopefully, you won’t have any either.


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