Who’s Naughty and Who’s Nice?

It’s not time to compose lists for Santa, but I’ve been struck recently by some very, very nice behavior and some awfully naughty (or perhaps it’s haughty) stuff on loops, etc. You know the old adage “nice guys finish last?” Is that true? I wonder if readers notice when authors “step on” one another? So one month I complain about folks congratulating each other too much, and here I am bitching about the authors who never, ever seem to get involved in anything that’s not about them and their freaking characters. Know what I mean, or am I being too obtuse? They pop out of the woodwork at the mention of their character Frank, the were-vamp master of the universe or to announce their news, and then *poof!* gone until the next promo op. Are they onto something? They’re busy writing, not whining probably. Nabbing great contracts, etc.
Then there are folks who are very popular, very busy, and offer to help out a newbie like myself. I’ll point to Mandy Roth, who very kindly offered to review my newest release Lords of Ch’i. How nice is that? I’ve never done squat for her (except buy her books LOL), but she’s willing to spend some of her precious time reading my book. What makes someone that busy and successful interested in helping out? Will this put her behind? Bianca d’Arc took time to do the same. Do readers notice such things? Do they care? How about the ones who participate in charitable causes–does anyone notice? Or do you just want a good book, well told, the behavior of the writer be damned? Just curious.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Naughty and Who’s Nice?

  1. Laurie D. says:

    I notice when writers do good deeds, and always appreciate hearing about them; I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Truth be told, I like to hear about any *anyone* who is a do-gooder – warm fuzzies are few and far between these days.
    I do like to know what an author is up to, even if it’s just to briefly chat up what they’re working on, rather than just seeing a huge push for the big sell at release time. Just my .02.

  2. Laurie D. says:

    I forgot to add that I was fortunate enough to meet Mandy Roth at Lori Foster’s get together in June – she is an absolute sweetheart – so appreciative of and kind to her readers!

  3. Becka says:

    I like the nice authors, not the catty ones. I like authors who lift other authors up, not always themselves. I don’t mind the random promo, but that’s not all I want to see. I’d like to see more authors respond to posts that doesn’t read like a blatant promo for their own book.

    I have great respect for authors who go the extra mile, because I know how damned hard it is in this business. I can’t possibly be jealous. I’m in awe. 🙂


  4. Rene Lyons says:

    I try to be the nice author (ask Ciar…I’m actually a pretty nice person in general. lol), and recently had to bite my tongue (well, hold my fingers) when an author got a bit snotty with me. But…me being nice, and adult about things, just shook my head at the juvinile behavior.

  5. Lauren Dane says:

    When I first started, many established authors came out of the woodwork to help me. I’ve gotten so much support and great advice that I know it’s been a help to me on many levels.

    So I don’t get why some people are all about themselves. But it happens and as I’m a snotty beeyatch, it drives me nuts when all I see are promos by certain authors in the third person and they never bother to even talk to anyone unless it’s to reply about their books.

    Oh, and I love it when authors get involved in great causes. But you know, people do things without fanfare too, you’d be surprised at how many authors do a lot of charity work and donate but stay behind the scenes. I dig that too.

  6. mandymroth says:


    Lords of Ch’i is one hell of a fantasy ride. Life kept getting in the way when I started reading in and let me tell you, after a nice dose of Jet, I bit back to get more time with him. I loved Silver and I have to say that your character development is off the charts. I have a bone to pick with you now…I’m done and want more!


    (who doesn’t think she’s been on anyone’s nice list before…*snicker*)

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