Vote! The Best Ebook of the Summer!

Thanks for the nominations! The point, of course, is to highlight the wondrerful diversity of ebooks. I’ll close the poll on September 5, and buy and review the winning title on this blog. Please, vote only once (the poll knows you ;o) and tell your friends to pop by!
Correction: I can’t change the poll now without losing votes, but the author name for Crimson Promise should read “Sapphire Phelan.” I picked it up from the nominations–sorry about that. Looks like folks figured it out anyway!

Best Summer Ebook 2006

Vote for your favorite

Amy O’Connor, Be Careful What You Wish For
Annmarie McKenna, Blackmailed
Bianca D’Arc, Ice Dragon
Michelle Hasker, Midnight Rendevous
Debbie Mumford, Glass Magic
Debbie Mumford, Sorcha’s Heart
Cassandra Curtis, I Put a Spell on You
Emma Ray Garrett, Heaven & Hell 3
Jet Mykles, Heaven
Jet Mykles, Purgatory
Jessie Verino, Lord Night
Larissa Lyons, The Awakening
M.L. Rhodes, Take It On Faith
Cassandra Curtis, Cup of Fate
Pamela Kinney, Crimson Promise
Tawny Taylor, Mark of the Beast
Josie Okuly, A Mermaid in Paradise
Laine Morgan, Dangerous Alumni
Sela Carsen, Not Quite Dead
Keira Andrews, Love Match
Tory Temple, Flashover
Megan Hart, Nothing Like the Sun
Lee Rowan, Ransom
Bebe Thomas, Aurora’s Passion
Shelli Stevens, Tourist Attraction
Amanda Brice, She’s Got Legs
Tempest Knight, Enduring Promise
Cora Zane, Crossing Borders
Loribelle Hunt, Under Cover of the Moon

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3 thoughts on “Vote! The Best Ebook of the Summer!

  1. M. Green says:

    I just wanted you to know I absolutely adore that picture you have in today’s post. Of the couple kissing… *sigh* It’s beautiful. 🙂 And great stuff, to try and highlight e-books. It’s definitely a growing field and will garner respect as such.

  2. Lauren says:

    I love several of the books on that list! It was a difficult choice!

  3. Sela Carsen says:

    I’m still stunned that NQD made it onto the list! And someone voted for it!!

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