Pardon Me While I Squee!

Enchanted Ramblings gives Lords of Ch’i 6 magical wands and raves:
“From page one I was riveted. The world and characters are so well written you practically see Traier and the characters as if they actually exist. There is non stop action and sexual tension that will have you turning page after page. When I reached the end I was frustrated that it was over so soon. Jet is one sexy hero and Silver is not your typical heroine. She is smart, beautiful and doesn’t pull any of those too stupid to live acts. I highly recommend this book.”


2 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Squee!

  1. Cathie says:

    Wonderful Ciar!! Congrats.

    Oh do they too plan to put this one in print. For sure it will go to my keepers shelf!

  2. Anonymous says:

    HI Ciar. The e-zine that did the review is not LOve Romances it’s Enchanted Ramblings LOL.


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