Your Secret Writing (or Reading) Life

On my loop, we were discussing whether we’re “out” as romance writers (and as erotic romance writers if that applies), or whether we hide from our families, coworkers, and the public in general what we do? Are you comfortable telling folks that you write (or read) the steamy stuff? I’m coming up on my first booksigning, and it just occurred to me that I might actually run into people I know! Duh. If you’re not out, why? Does anyone ever disparage your efforts? Are you frightened by the response you’ll get if you say “I write romance” or “I read steamy romances?” I really hate the teasing sometimes. How about you?


3 thoughts on “Your Secret Writing (or Reading) Life

  1. annie in GA says:

    I live in the same household as my daughter, 3 grandchildren, and son-in-law, and the adults are very well aware that i read, review, and promo erotic fiction. They also know that my interests run to the more “perverse” I might say. {Perverse being my term and NOT meant as a denigration to any genre.} I am open online about it too: the fact that i review, and that i prefer, m/m and f/f and menage to straight het one-on-one. At my age i don’t see the point any more in hiding my feelings and interests as i did for so many years.

  2. Jenn on the Island says:

    At my last job interview, when they said “tell us a bit about yourself” I told them “In my spare time I write trashy romance.” Sky high eyebrows and a complete lack of tension from then on.

    Just about everyone I know knows what I write, including all the guys at the sawmill where I worked. None have read anything or know my pen name (not that I’m publihsed yet) and I prefer it that way. I mean, I have to work with these guys…

  3. Cathie says:

    Ciar, I grew up with reading romance, mostly the Harlequin books, with my mom, so with my mom then, it was always comfortable. I do admit when I was working, I used book covers, I did work in a school setting and better for me to cover them. I’ve read mostly romance at work and have some close friends who know I read romance. Some say “oh I don’t read that stuff’ then I see them reading a Linda Howard book and smile. Its some don’t want to admit but we do! How many times i’m in Borders and there’s woman right with m e at the romance section buying books! As for ebooks that some think are all erotic romance, which they aren’t all that, I don’t say much cuz I like to respect my privacy of what I read as well. But I never lie. I’m honest and if they ask what i’m reading i’m gonna say romance. Its too much of a good feeling reading them that I wouldn’t answer any differently.

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