I’m celebrating the October 3 release of Love’s Alchemy at Loose ID. I don’t have a cover yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do! I’m so very excited about this release, the story of the immortal children of the Last Sorcerer, Sir Isaac Newton. I hope you’ll enter my contest to win this Anguistralober Necklace, a working miniature of a 18th century instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies, crafted in pewter and brass, about 1.5 inch.
To win this Pendant, you’ll have to wrestle me. Okay, how about reading a little of this summary, and complete the following: “Who do you think has the Philosopher’s Stone?” Take a guess! Email your answer to!

Despite his unparalleled brilliance in physics and mathematics, The Last Sorcerer, Sir Isaac Newton, devoted body and soul to the ancient study of Alchemy and to the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone—the legendary source of life. Risking ridicule and possible execution, Newton finally conjured the key to breathing life into the lifeless.

Newton’s first creation, handsome and charming Donovan Barlowe, along with his intriguing “brothers,” now walks the streets of the 21st Century. The Barlowes seek the one person who can save them from Newton’s deathbed curse—a soulless lifespan of 300 years. They’re playing “beat the clock,” and they have enemies—those “children” of Newton who would prefer to die. Where is the foretold Alchemist, the reincarnation of The Last Sorcerer?

Sidra Patmos is at the breaking point. Just when her grief for her dead mother begins to abate, her world becomes a different kind of nightmare. Sidra has almost become accustomed to her affect on street lamps and electrical appliances. She’s found some solace in her online chats with other SLIders—those who experience Street Light Interference—especially parapsychologist Donovan Barlowe. However, Sidra doesn’t confide that burnt out lights are the least of her worries. She’s developed a horrifying ability to see the real underbelly of lower Manhattan—a world where wraiths scream silently in the misty night and weave their way into her apartment, turning her days into waking nightmares, making her nights unbearable. Sidra agrees to meet SLIder expert Barlowe in a SoHo bar, hopeful that he’ll offer some explanation.

Sidra’s meeting with the dark and irresistible Van Barlowe unleashes a frightening chain of events. Three brothers—Van, Alexander, and Wentworth, scour the world searching for the Alchemist, a woman with the knowledge deep within to rescue their family from sure ruin. Created in the 17th Century by the Last Sorcerer, Sir Isaac Newton, and cursed by his dying breath to a lifespan of three hundred years, all Daemonia, including the Barlowes, know their time is at an end. That is, unless they find the woman capable of recreating the Philosopher’s Stone.

Van suspects he may have stumbled upon his rescuer in Sidra. As he rids Sidra’s loft of the pesky wraiths that are slowly driving her insane, he learns that Sidra is a professor with expertise in Newton. Sure that Sidra’s own academic passion cannot be a coincidence, Van probes to learn if she’s the reincarnation of his beloved “Father,” Sir Isaac. The connection between the pair is instantaneous and mystical, and in short order, they conclude that they indeed loved one another in a previous life. Of course, this time, Van’s affection is for a beautiful woman rather than his eccentric male creator. Viva la difference! The heat builds, and Van and Sidra fall into a sexual union surpassing all their fantasies.

Van convinces Sidra to walk with him into the mist of time to see if she can redeem him. And he has more incentive than ever to live on, as Sidra slides into his heart as no one has done in his long lifetime. Van hasn’t been willing to throw heart and flawed soul into a relationship doomed to last a mere human lifespan. He’s found it less painful to engage in quick trysts than to watch as his beloved ages and withers while he thrives with youthful elegance and vigor.

Van’s sexual pull on Sidra is absolute, but Sidra doubts that a sexy demon with a 300-year agenda is the best boyfriend material. She’s sucked into the vortex of Van’s frightening world, desperate to escape, but unable to leave the man she loves to perish without a fight. Sidra suspects that once redeemed, Van will no longer find her useful. Is it worth the risk of more heartbreak?


4 thoughts on “LOVE’S ALCHEMY Contest!

  1. Laine Morgan says:

    Sounds great!

  2. Cathie says:

    Ciar, i’m totally absorbed into this!! Gosh, so love the creativeness and unique stories you put out. Its like a fantasy with legends and mythology that just makes me want to read more and more. I do so want to read more of Van’s and Sidra’s story! Its going to be great!

  3. Zinnia says:

    Congrats on the new release!

  4. SM says:

    Ooh! That sounds great! Congrat’s on the new release….I can hardly wait to continue reading!!!

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