She’s Back! Madam Philomena Takes Your Questions

Well, Madam Philomena is free now that the Yankees are finished. She’s available to answer your questions on writing and love, not necessarily in that order. It helps if you include your birthdate, but of course, this is the Internet, and she understands if you don’t want to reveal that information. Remember–it’s all for fun! Do not quit your day job or marry that guy based on what Phil says! And before you post, Phil wants to remind you that things will go much better for you this fall if you buy Love’s Alchemy at Loose ID ;o)


6 thoughts on “She’s Back! Madam Philomena Takes Your Questions

  1. Joan says:

    Oh Great Madam Philomena. I was born on 7/2067. My questions: is will I ever find my guy; will I every master keeping up with my reading of Ciar Cullen stories?

  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    LOL Ciar thanks you and advises you to keep reading, you’ll catch up! Madam Philomena suggests that you have a tendency to nurse wounds from childhood or the past, allowing new circumstances to trigger old emotions. True? Also, that you have a strong mothering streak that could interfere with relationship building. Seek an independent partner and learn to become comfortable taking care of yourself first. Um, on the timing, she’s not so sure :o)

  3. Meg Allison says:

    Oh, Madame Philomena, will I get my paranormal series published and make some good money? My b-day is 10/30/65.

    Only to you will I admit my age. đŸ˜‰

  4. Jenn on the Island says:

    I have two questions for the Madame…

    Will I ever be satisfied enough with the ending of my stories to submit them?

    This one’s not love related but will affect my writing: How much longer will I have to live on this island?

    My birthday is Sept 22, 1974.

  5. Ciar Cullen says:

    Madam Philomena believes you can suceed with your powerful determined spirit. She says you have an inner need to succeed, and will do so–and sell that series. BUT, she warns, do not be inflexible. None of the “it’s my way or the highway” talk this time. So perhaps consider alternatives to whatever avenues you’re pursuing. Early next year looks promising financially, whether it’s your books or not bringing in the do-re-me, Madam cannot say for sure. Good luck!

  6. Ciar Cullen says:

    Hi Jenn,
    Ciar would like to kick you in the butt regarding finishing your stories, but Madam says it’s simple insecurity. If you don’t finish, you don’t have to put yourself out there, so you’re always protected from rejection. Phil recommends you compromise, which is difficult for your all-or-nothing mentality. “Tell her to let someone else decide if the ending is fine.” Make sense? From me (Ciar)–let an editor decide if your work is worthy of a request for a rewritten ending. But don’t use it as an excuse not to try. The island? I think Madam took that metaphorically LOL and said again that you need to compromise more to get off of it. I don’t know if you can compromise yourself to a new locale, but good luck!

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