What Happened to "Thank You"?

I know I’m going to sound like my mom here. I’m damned sorry to be such an old fart. But what happened to “thank you”? How many of you writers have sent a prize (a necklace, a book, whatever) to someone and never heard a word back? Maybe they hated the book, maybe they thought the prize was the ugliest damned thing they ever did see. Am I old fashioned? I’ve had this experience with other authors, too! If you send a book to a review site (especially one of the solo snarky spots), well, I guess you get what you get. I also try to go out of my way to thank reviewers for reading my book, no matter their comments. I don’t know if this is a problem more associated with electronic publishing–the instantaneous arrival of a “present” making it seem less valuable? Still, rude is rude. The loop posting “I came here for prizes and haven’t won anything…”–seriously, I got that message. Yikes!


5 thoughts on “What Happened to "Thank You"?

  1. Jenn on the Island says:

    Oh no!
    I sent a thank you for those beautiful elvish earrings I hope!!

    If I didn’t, thanks! They’re lovely and they made reading Lords of Ch’i even more fun!

    I agree that politeness has gone down the tubes in general. Few people say “thanks” any more and when you do you don’t get a “you’re welcome” back. You get “Uh-huh”.


    Thanks again! For the earrings, and for the amazing books you write!

  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    Not you, knucklehead LOL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ciar

  3. Laurie D. says:

    Our society is in a sad state, I’m afraid. Common courtesy and kindness seem to be a thing of the past. I’ve tried to teach my girls to be courteous and appreciative and yes, we still send handwritten thank you notes, often shocking the hell out of the recipients.
    Have a terrific weekend – may the leaves be nice and green everywhere you go!

  4. Rene Lyons says:

    I’ve sent out free downloads of Midnight Sun to contest winners and some never replied with a polite thank you. I’ve also sent it out to blogs AFTER writing them and asking them if they’d care to review the book. I was written back to with a heart yes, sent the book, and never got reviewed. How nice. I’m glad I wasted three perfectly good downloads.

    People can be so damn rude it makes my teeth hurt from grinding them in frustration.

  5. joye says:

    If I win a contest I always send a thank you note. But I have found that alot of the time, the prize comes and no information on who it was from or their contact person’s addy. Especially if it was from a web source that is not an author. And some of the time, I get no previous message that I won-stuff just shows up

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