In a Wild Moment

I’ve never been a goal-oriented person. I’m more of a panster in life, just hacking a path through the jungle with a butter knife. It’s worked out okay so far–a nice job, a great husband, a few books published, a second-degree black belt. Of course there’s still this ten extra pounds ;o) Sometimes I wonder how I would have done if I’d charted a course purposefully, or perhaps I did subconsciously. We make choices and then redirect every day, don’t we?
Babbling again. This is just a test–NaNoWriMo. I’m going to give it a whirl. If anyone doesn’t know about National Novel Writing Month, well, it’s November. I don’t know if it’s helped anyone really produce great works, but I’m hoping it will help me finish a WIP due soon, for which, conveniently enough, I need about 40K more. The book is The Serpent House, the sequel to Mayan Nights, and my goal is to submit it to my editor at the end of November. I wonder if this will make any difference. Surely I’d have finished the book by then without NaNoWriMo? Then what does it do? I’ll let you know! Anyone else on board?


4 thoughts on “In a Wild Moment

  1. Maura says:

    I’ll be trying it this year. I’d like to get either the first of The Samhain Born or the 2nd Giogan done. And I’ve never done it before either 🙂

  2. Sara Dennis says:

    I’ve been participating since 2002. I’ll be there again. No idea whether I’ll make my goal, but I hope to.

    BTW, have you noticed that you get the *best* covers?

  3. Ciar Cullen says:

    Hi Sara, your covers are seriously lovely too! But yes, I’ve been super lucky with covers :o)

  4. Jenn on the Island says:

    I’m NaNoing too!

    First time doing it and my first time plotting. Ug. I’m afraid that I’ll have the story plotted to death and nothing to write in November….I promise to finish this one though!

    Oh, I’m jennontheisland in NaNo.

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