Romance Novels are Easy to Write, Aren’t They?

A few of us tore into an unsuspecting soul who stepped in it up to her eyeballs on the romance forum of NaNoWriMo. This woman said she only reads “literature” and thought she’d try a romance just for fun, not that she reads such lowly crap. Phew, bunched up some panties with those words, let me tell you! A day later, it got me thinking about the days when I thought the same thing. Not quite, but I’d read a HQN or one of Nora’s books and think “how hard can this be?” Ha. Ha. Ha. Joke is on us, isn’t it folks? The art of making something look easy–those are the best books–the ones that seem effortless, in which you don’t “see” the writer working to get anything across, to make you love the book. You simply love the book because the author kicks ass. The unsuspecting woman on the forum seems to have slipped away, as we growled at her until she slipped out of the cave of angst-ridden aspiring and published romance writers. Poor thing, I think she may be better off. Romance writing is not for the faint of heart. Nor is trashing romance writing…we’re a “toothy” group.


3 thoughts on “Romance Novels are Easy to Write, Aren’t They?

  1. Russia Moore says:

    It’s me, the infamous poster!

    I wanted to let you know, as you both had a blog I could comment on and seemed less likely than the others to go for blood (:P) that I have better explained myself and apologized on my post. Rest assured, though, I am not slipping away. I shut my ears to nagativity whenever possible, or else the aggressive assumptions and accusations others made would have led me to tears! I’ll be writing my novel because I said I would be, and as I explained just now in my apology, I’m just trying to learn and grow.

  2. Ciar Cullen says:

    Good for you! Both for posting and not backing down on your decision to write a romance. Who knows, you might find you like the one you wrote enough to change your mind about the whole genre! Don’t think we all haven’t stepped it it before, Ms. Moore, so I wish you success in your mission. I’m a bit of a literary snob too, so you probably struck quite a nerve there. Romance writers are very protective of their genre, as you took in. May you be a NaNoWriMo winner, and hopefully you’ll pick up pointers about getting your work published. If you really want to know what’s worked for me and has not, you’re welcome to ask at any time.

  3. Ciar Cullen says:

    Ugh, I take back what I said. The poster has now stated she’s likely to write romance satire or parody and still has not ever read a romance. Huh? That will be a trick. I give up, Ms. Moore. I’m going to stay off the nanowrimo threads and stick to the real work…

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