Holiday Reads, Anyone? Post Yours Here!

Who has a holiday release? A spooktacular Halloween offering? A snowy winter mystery? A steamy love tale with the man in the red suit? Post your buy link and a wee description here and I’ll pick one to buy and review (no worries, I only post reviews of books as recommendations!).


12 thoughts on “Holiday Reads, Anyone? Post Yours Here!

  1. Bianca D'Arc says:

    Hi Ciar! Actually, I have two Halloween releases – LORDS OF THE WERE, a werewolf menage novel from Samhain Publishing, and PHANTOM DESIRES, a vampire novella that I believe will be released on its own and also as part of the Vamprotica 2006 anthology from Lady Aibell Press. Both are coming out on October 31st. I don’t have buy links yet, but you can get more info on LORDS OF THE WERE on the Samhain site here: and I have info on my own site for PHANTOM DESIRES here:

    I’ll update my site with the buy links as soon as they become available. Hope you like feisty heroines and lots of mystical goings-on. Both of these stories have plenty of both! Oh yeah, and lots of love. 😉

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Shelli Stevens says:

    I have a Halloween one This Spells Trouble at Cobblestone Press

    and then I have a short story (non erotic romance!) in the CHristmas Wishes anthology out of Highland Press.

  3. Eden Bradley says:

    Thanks Ciar, for letting us tell your blog readers about our holiday books!
    My contemporary erotic novella with a paranormal twist, Winter Soulstice, will be out in December from Cobblestome Press.
    Here’s a blurb:
    A chance storm on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, drives psychologist Destiny Walker to a spontaneous consultation with a fortune-teller. When the psychic tells her she’s about to meet her soul mate, Destiny is dubious.
    But when she runs into Superman look-alike Reece Kellan—literally—her rational world is turned upside down. Reece is funny, kind, and the sexiest man she’s ever seen. And when their bodies meet, the electricity they create could rival the storm raging outside. But there’s something more there, something mysterious, alluring and a little frightening. Is it possible the psychic was right, after all?

    Cobblestone artist Dan Skinner did a gorgeous cover for me! You can take a look at it on my website:
    Or go to in December to buy my book!

  4. Kate Davies says:

    Hey Ciar! Thanks for highlighting holiday books. I’ve got a Samhain release coming up called Ritual Love, and it’s part of Beginnings: A Samhain Anthology. It’ll be available on the 31st as an individual e-book, and Nov 21st as part of the print anthology. Here’s the blurb and a link to the Samhain info page (no buy link yet…)

    Scientist Moira Sinclair doesn’t believe in magic. Or at least she hasn’t since childhood. She’s only come to Iona in remembrance of her long-deceased grandmother—the last person who encouraged her fanciful side. But now she’s stumbled onto a secret druid ritual—and into another time.

    Aedan Ap Crannog is furious to discover an outsider spying on their sacred, banned Samhain rites. With her strange garb and stranger mannerisms, Moira is unlike any woman he’s ever known. But she could cause trouble for him and the people who follow him in the ancient ways. To prevent her from sounding the alarm, he takes her captive, hiding her in the labyrinth of caves along the far shore.

    Despite their differences, sparks burn between them as brightly as the Samhain bonfire. Now captive and captor must find a way to bridge the centuries before the magic disappears with the dawn…

    Looks like you’re getting some great suggestions. I’m taking notes for my TBB list!

  5. Charlene Teglia says:

    Hi Ciar! I have a 2 for 1 Halloween release, Night Music at Samhain and Night Rhythm on my site as a free companion. Two vampires, two spooky love tales!

    And Yule Be Mine releases from Cerridwen Dec. 7. Two singles plot to outwit match-happy families for the holiday season and get more than they planned for.

    I’ll be watching for more holiday recommendations here, I love to read them!

  6. Nell Dixon says:

    Hi Ciar,
    I have a release called Cue Me In which is in a duet called From Darkness which is being released October 27th from
    By Grace publish inspirational and clean secular romance stories. Cue Me In is Bridget Jones meets Scooby Doo in a semi-ruined Welsh castle on Halloween.
    So if you’re looking for something different….

  7. Cassidy Kent says:

    Hi Ciar,

    I have a Christmas story that came out in June… Santa’s Helper, published by Amber Quill.

    When Manhattanite CEO Noel Ford decides to adopt a letter addressed to Santa Claus, he never expects to end up escorting sexy single mother Maura Kelly around the city on Christmas Eve. Because of her son Kyle’s selfless wish for her to find love again after her husband’s death, Maura agrees to spend the day with the handsome stranger, against her better judgment.

    The spark between Noel and Maura is immediate, but the distance between Park Avenue and the New Jersey suburbs is immense. Are their two worlds too dissimilar to merge or will they be able to bridge the distance with love?

  8. Sara Dennis says:

    Hey Ciar! Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

    I have a Halloween book that just came out at Cobblestone Press. It’s at

    Attending the Hell’s Ball with her friends was just supposed to be about having a good time. Samantha didn’t plan on meeting the man of her dreams or to give him a crash course in magic to keep his power under control.

    Alec Zimm is a stage name. Doing card tricks pays the bills. He’s caught off-guard by his reaction to Samantha and the sudden revelation that the magic he’s been performing is real. When a rogue werewolf threatens the Halloween party atmosphere, Alec must learn to trust his teacher and save the woman of his dreams.

  9. Canice Brown-Porter says:

    Ciar, this is so nice of you! If I ever find the time, maybe I could return the favor. Anyway…

    I have an upcoming romantica Halloween release from Freya’s Bower entitled THE GOBLIN, THE WITCH, and the SINGLE GIRL. A young woman purchases an old empty-forever victorian style home on the shores of Lake Champlain and moves in just a few days before Halloween. Caitlin has heard the tales of the Lake Champlain sea monster, Champy, and the rumors that her new home is haunted.

    Encounters make a believer out of her when she finds out there is a goblin living in her home. Niles was cursed by a witch a century earlier, transforming him from his Faerie form into the grotesque creature she meets.

    There is only one way for the curse to be broken and Vinzella, the witch, is determined to keep that from happening. Niles is the object of Vinzella’s obsession, and she vows no other woman shall have him.

    Halloween will never be the same.

  10. Hera St. Aubyn says:

    Thanks so much for listing these holiday stories!

    I have a quirky little short called “Trick or Treat” coming out for Halloween from The Wild Rose Press.

    A blurb can be found on my blog:

    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

  11. Emma_Sanders says:

    Hi Ciar! HOPE, LOVE, AND TREATS is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

    For the past ten years, Halloween has been a horrifying experience for Mandy Long and a holiday she doesn’t celebrate. Now that she’s a single mom, occasions like Halloween are up to her. She faces her fears and takes her son trick-or-treating for the first time. When she meets up with a friend who is also a single parent, they take their children around the neighborhood together, and she admits her feelings for him go deeper than friendship.

    This is the kind of story you can read to your children, creating a love of romance in them like my mom did for me.

    Happy Holidays!

  12. Jalena Burke says:

    It’s lust at first sight when Kerri meets Blake Donnelly at her friend’s Halloween bash. Then she opens her eyes after a mind-altering kiss and finds herself in his home–alone. She doesn’t remember how she got there, but she’s willing to accept his tricks for one sinful night.

    ONE SINFUL NIGHT is available at The Wild Rose Press and is my first vampire story.

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