Who You Gonna Call? These Guys?

I wonder if anyone else out there is as puzzled as I am about the show Ghost Hunters. What’s the appeal? Why did I look forward to the season premiere (in which basically nothing happened), and anxiously came back for more a week later (when nothing happened). The extremely serious and too-self-deprecating-to-hate members of the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), pull out all the stops to debunk stories of hauntings, from creepy hotels to lighthouses to battleships. They do a great job debunking these hauntings. They simply never (okay, almost never) find anything. Once in a while there’s a suspicious blob or glimmer or whisper, and that gets very, very exciting. Still, most are explained away. STILL, I’d love to work (is it work?) side by side with these guys. They seem to have a lot of fun. Maybe that’s what’s so endearing. I wouldn’t mind actually seeing a ghost, though.


One thought on “Who You Gonna Call? These Guys?

  1. Jenn on the Island says:

    I decided when I was 14 that I wanted to get PhD in parapsychology and spend my days explaining the unexplainable.

    Now that I’m a grown up, I realise that I will have to wait until I win the lottery and/or become independantly wealthy. But the plan is still there.

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