Passionate about a publisher? Question for readers and writers!

I just got a request for a full manuscript from a publisher, which is always a good thing. That is, if the publisher is a good one. Hmmnn… Got me thinking–how do you define a good publisher? Of course, they publish good books. Consistently good books. But I’m not so sure. Speaking mostly of epublishing, and I suppose this is relevant for print as well–there are always some clunkers, right? Or maybe ones that are just not to one’s taste. Are good publishers those that sell well? If you start to look at it from a writer’s point of view, then all sorts of other issues arise. Editing, contracts, treatment, communication, publicity, reputation, collegiality, timeliness…the list is endless. With your reader’s cap on, what things do you look for in a publisher? Or do you just go for the writers you like? Which are your favorite publishing houses, the ones you feel you can count on. As a writer–what do you look for?


One thought on “Passionate about a publisher? Question for readers and writers!

  1. Jenn on the Island says:

    Woo hoo!! Congrats Ciar!! Well, you wouldn’t have subbed there if you didn’t think they are a good publisher, right??

    Personally, I go for quality of books. Every time I read an ebook from a new publisher I think to myself: Do I want my work lumped in with this crap? or that brilliant story? There are a few I’ll never sub to no matter how long they’re around or what their distribution is like.

    Oh, and covers. Some of them look like they are high school art projects. Ug.

    I won’t name drop on the bombs, but the ones I do like are Samhain and Triskellion. Samhain’s site is easy to buy from and the one time I had a problem, their support team was amazing.

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