What Haunts You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about those who have gone before us, especially those I knew (my Aunt, my dad, my Nanna, etc.). Sometimes I almost sense them near me. Wishful thinking, I’m sure. I’ve also been thinking about the things that haunt me–the broken promises, bad relationships, stupid mistakes. I think this is a wonderful time of year to work on letting go of that baggage. What haunts you? The unfinished degree? The man who got away. That manuscript in the drawer you didn’t have the courage to finish? The past is the past–or is it? Which of your regrets do you need to let go of, which can you repair?
My list is short: I have two old friends to reconnect with, a lie to come clean about with a family member, and a promise to God to fulfill. Not so bad for a half century. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m old enough to have forgotten them. :o)


2 thoughts on “What Haunts You?

  1. Toni Sue says:

    My grandmother passed without an oportunity for me to tell her that I was sorry and that I loved her. Nothing that I can do about it now, but pray and hope she can hear me. On the happier front, I hope to someday fulfill the promise to myself that I will uncover my screaming size 4 self. So far though, I’ve been able to keep her quiet with cookies and chocolate 🙂

  2. M.E Ellis says:

    Whatever haunts me gets an outlet in my books. I have only a few haunts left. Life is too short to fret on the past. What’s done is done and can’t be changed.


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