Hope, Love, and Treats for You!

Hope, Love and Treats by Emma Sanders was my choice for a Halloween read! Thanks to everyone who recommended their own holiday work–I’ll pick another for the Christmas season. I picked Emma’s book partly because the description sounded a little sweeter than my normal taste, and I like to branch out once in a while.

This incredibly short work (a short story really), is as cute as a button (what does that mean, anyway?). Our heroine, Mandy, doesn’t much like Halloween, and we learn it’s with good reason. She’s a good mom to her cute (and believable) son Wiley, and she can’t deny the kid a chance to join in the trick-or-treat fun dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow. Mandy is rewarded for trying to overcome her fears of things that go bump in the night…but you’ll have to read the book to learn how (yes, it involves a hunky guy).

Let me get a few little notes out of the way–I think some of Ms. Sander’s writing could be smoothed out a hair, and some of the backstory seemed a little thrown-in at the end. That said, this is an adorable tale that rings true to life. Mandy is a very likeable character, and the descriptions of trick-or-treating are dead-on, no pun intended. This story is as advertised–you could read it aloud in front of your children and not blush. And something about that was really, really refreshing–after all, it’s romance! Moms who are busy today trying to get those wings to attach properly or scouring the stores for a last minute rubber sword will get a kick (and a romantic sigh) from this book.

I look forward to more from Emma Sanders, and wish her a spooktacular Halloween! Here’s four out of five pumpkins for you!


One thought on “Hope, Love, and Treats for You!

  1. Emma_Sanders says:

    Thanks Ciar! And what a perfect costume. Hope you had a delightful Halloween! :))

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