Love’s Alchemy a RR from Two Lips!

Thrilled with this wonderful review! Ah, they may be for readers, but sometimes they give you the kick you need :o) Thanks, Kerin. A recommended read from Two Lips Reviews!

“Love’s Alchemy will definitely “wow” you. I became so engrossed while reading this fantastic tale that hours passed and before I knew it, I had read it from cover to cover in one sitting. This intricately woven and suspenseful plot had me wonder what would happen from one page to the next. Laced with a strong dose of humor, Ciar Cullen has penned a definite must read! With such emotionally powerful writing, I found myself laughing as well as crying right along with Sidra and Van. Van’s mix of strength and vulnerability is compelling, exciting and extremely erotic. I desperately hope that Ms. Cullen will share the stories of Van’s brothers, Alex and Went and maybe even his other “siblings.” Love’s Alchemy is definitely not to be missed. I absolutely, positively, adored this book and cannot say enough good things about it.”–Kerin

Love’s Alchemy is available at Loose ID!


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