Tuesday Picks! Add Your Own…

It’s voting day here, so having had a very frustrating few moments staring at the machine, wishing it were a pinball game instead (it seemed just about as useful), I decided to offer some suggestions on other areas to explore. I hope you’ll add your own recommendations, serious to silly.

In the category of book of the week: Rebecca Goings’ Hearts Eternal, available today at Samhain Publishing. I read this book in its first release, and it’s a solid, solid read. Go Becks! You can read more here.

Keeping with the Samhain theme for a bit, my vote for really attractive website goes to Rene Lyons. It sets a very clear tone that matches her books beautifully.

I wonder if Yahoo loops are going the way of VHS tapes, but I want to offer props to Karenfindoutaboutnewbooks’ two loops. Karen is one of the most hardworking promoters I’ve seen, between these loops and Coffee Time Romance, I’m not sure how she does it.

Off the topic of writing, one of the places I visit regularly:
Penn Vet Medicine, for updates on Barbaro (yes, I’m strange): The lovely horse got his cast off today.

What are your favorites???


One thought on “Tuesday Picks! Add Your Own…

  1. Becka says:

    Thank you, Terry, for having my book be your Book of the Week! I feel so honored. Heheheh… And I’m so glad you liked it so much!

    **pats own back**


    I must say, I love the new cover for The Princes of Anfall, btw. Congrats!!! 😀


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