Good News Monday

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was mostly lovely. Husband and I spent a 70 degree day in Ocean City NJ–it was absolutely spectacular! Lots of walking on the boardwalk, too much food.

My good news? Hmmn, let’s see, I finished a round of edits on Princes of Anfall, coming in December from Samhain. I’m halfway through rewriting Unholy Vows, for release from Samhain next year. Not much else to report this week. How about you?

Post your good news, whether you’re a reader, writer, editor, or even if you stumbled here by accident!


11 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    I had a GREAT weekend. Went to a writer’s conference, and two agents asked to see the full of my manuscript! 😀

  2. Dayna_Hart says:

    ooh! I missed this last week.


    *grin* Enthusiastic enough?

    They picked up my fantasy novella Go Between, which is one of those books of my heart 🙂

    I’m working on the sequel already, which my editor has expressed interest in. (yay!)

    Thanks for good news Monday, Ciar!

  3. Amanda Brice says:

    My agent was in NY last week for meetings and lunches with editors, and apparently the pitches of my book went really well. 🙂 Lots of enthusiasm, so I’m pretty psyched. Won’t know the full details until the conference call tomorrow.

  4. Robin L. Rotham says:

    Ooh, good luck to all of you!

    My good news is that I haven’t bailed on NaNo…yet. 😀

  5. Eden Bradley says:

    My good news?
    Well, I met one book deadline for Berkley, completed my copy edits on my first ST for Bantam, got my first workshop ready to present all while I was moving! I did the workshop, which I think went well, and my ‘hard’ deadlines are over for the moment, so I can breathe again. Feels good! Except now I’m neurotically working again-I find I can’t hold still for long. Not a problem, really, as I’d like to have proposals ready to go for my next two (hopefully) book sales by the end of the year. And this short novella is demanding to be written for one of my e-pubs…
    Ah well-no rest for the wicked! But it’s all good.
    Eden 🙂

  6. Sage Burnett says:

    My good Monday news is I sold my third book to Mardi Gras Publishing. RECKLESS BEHAVIOR, Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense. So I’m very excited.

    Sage Burnett

    P.S. Thanks Ciar for good news Monday.

  7. Lillian Feisty says:

    I finally figured out why my story is at a standstill. Yay!

  8. T. Sue VerSteeg says:

    My good news is that I’m going to be interviewed on your blog this week! 🙂 YAY!!!

  9. Becka says:

    Wow, congrats everyone on your good news! 😀

    Hmm… My good news this week is a review that made me cry. It was, perhaps, the best review I’d ever received. Here’s a snippet:

    “Move over Lora Leigh, Champagne Books’ hot new author Rebecca Goings has joined the fray into genetically engineered shapeshifting uber-soldiers with the first book in her B*E*A*S*T series, THE B*E*A*S*T WITHIN and she is taking no prisoners…. This reader eagerly awaits the next book in this haunting and evocative B*E*A*S*T series. Kudos to Champagne Books for discovering this talented new author.”

    It still blows me away! 😀


  10. Diana Castilleja says:

    Well, I had a good weekend and then I got review that was “un”inspired, but…. This was the good part…

    I got another review from a different house, and the reviewer called me “a rare gem”!!! EEEEKKK! ME! So a ‘meh’ review, and a great one! I’ll take that!

  11. Trish Ryan says:

    What a great idea – It’s Wednesday now, so I’m too late, but I’ll check back in next week 🙂

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