WTF friday? Is Romantic Fantasy a Goner?

I’m not ranting this Friday, but I’m certainly scratching my head. We’ve been discussing fantasy, romantic fantasy (or fantasy-lite as some are calling it) on my loop. My pal Rebecca Goings has a lot to say on the subject. The non-romantic fantasy shelves are full and I assume that print fantasy is selling well.

My question, the short version: Is romantic fantasy dying on the vine? Readers might so “noooo! I love fantasy!”, but I think that’s a vocal minority, and most readers go for other genres–contemporaries (erotic especially), paranormals (erotic especially), and…not sure.

My theory is that the popularity of the LOTR trilogy breathed temporary new life into fantasy-lite, but that paranormals (especially vampires and shapeshifters) led fans of other-worldly adventures into a fresh new dimension. Whether folks get sick of that genre and swing back to fantasy remains to be seen.

Do you agree? Disagree? I’d love to know what you think!


4 thoughts on “WTF friday? Is Romantic Fantasy a Goner?

  1. Jenn on the Island says:

    Having read nothing but historicals for a long time, I’m just getting into reading fantasy. I love the worlds that authors create, and unlike historicals (where I’m one of those people for whom accuracy is a must) I never get pulled out of the moment by details.

    LOTR may have made it popular at the moment, but I think the oportunity to escape the mundane and completely live in a different world for a moment will keep fantasy alive well past the current fad of bloodsuckers and furbearers.

  2. Becka says:

    If romantic fantasy is falling by the wayside, then I intend on bringing it back with a vengeance. πŸ˜›

    My favorite character out of ALL my books (and I have a lot, actually) is Mynos the Dragon. And I don’t love him so much because he’s a sexy dragon-shifter. I love him because of who he is. He’s benevolent, fair, just, with a streak of righteous anger and he kicks serious ass. πŸ˜›

    Most dragons in romance today are the heroes for the “shifter” flavor of the week, the excitement of something new. They aren’t dragons just to be dragons, although your dragon in Wizard of Time seems quite charming, Ciar. πŸ˜€

    Maybe that’s why I love Mynos so much, because he’s awesome, majestic, ancient, wise, and can kick ass when he wants to. I didn’t have to compromise my vision of a dragon in order to tell the story. I fashioned him after Draco from Dragonheart (cheesy flick, but I still loved it). And even tho Mynos *can* shapeshift, it only adds oomf to the story. He might “look” human (except for his slitted golden eyes), but he’s still all dragon.

    Anyhow, if my Legends series doesn’t make people excited, I’ll keep writing my fantasies for myself. πŸ˜›



  3. Toni Sue says:

    Well, I was blog hopping and came aross a writer that had just been to a sci-fi conference and they actually accepted the romantic limb into the fold. Could just be a temporary cool down on the reader’s part, forcing us to turn up the heat πŸ™‚

  4. Sara Dennis says:

    I actually think (she said belatedly) that romantic fantasy is going to pick up. I don’t know if it’ll be the new trend, but I think we’ll be okay for a while.

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