Good News Monday

How was that weekend? Mine felt like the fastest on record! Phew. Anyway, I’m scrounging for good news here–got a few nice reviews, a little bit of writing done, and my house is clean LOL

What’s your good news???


2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Jenn on the Island says:

    Well, Mastercared agreed that I won’t have to pay the $7500 someone else spent using my credit card number…I suppose that’s good news…

  2. Robin L. Rotham says:

    Good news: It was my birthday this weekend. Bad news: Got an R that day. Good news: It was a nice one. Threw it away anyway, right there in the PO. Good news: I got mail in that box for only the second time in two months. Good news: had a nice dinner out with dh and saw Daniel Craig NEKKID on the big screen. (slurp)

    So the balance tips to good news. Which is good news.

    Is it me or is it a slow good-news day?

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