Nominate Your Favorite Fall Ebook!

Greetings. As we did for the summer, I’m hosting a “favorite” poll again–this time for any book published FIRST electronically, between 9/1/2006 through the end of November, at least that’s what I call Fall! Once I’ve gathered nominations (this week), I’ll create a poll (next week), and then will buy and review the winner! So nominate yourself, a friend, a stranger, whatever really rocked your boat this fall! All genres/lengths are allowed, but it must have first been an ebook, with a first release during that time period.
In your comment, list your nomination this way: Author name, book title, publishing company, month of release. Any nomination without this info. won’t be considered.
Don’t be shy, and tell us why you liked the book!


16 thoughts on “Nominate Your Favorite Fall Ebook!

  1. Cathy says:

    Lauren Dane
    Tri Mates
    Ellora’s Cave

    love the Cascadia Wolves series. great storylines and very hot sex.

  2. Becka says:

    Author name ~ Rebecca Goings
    Book title ~ The B*E*A*S*T* Within
    Publishing company ~ Champagne Books
    Month of release ~ October, 2006

    Oh yeah, I’m shameless. 😛 heheheh


  3. Becka says:

    Ooo, forgot to tell you why I liked it… Because it is one of my best-written books, I believe, and the concept of bio-engineered shifters is relatively unique (aside from Lora Leigh). LOL


  4. Jennifer says:

    Author name: Bianca D’Arc
    Book title: Lords of the Were
    Publishing company: Samhain Publishing
    Month of release: October

    Bianca D’Arc’s work is always solid, but her Dragon Knights and Lords of the Were series are superior. With the launch of ‘Lords of the Were’ October 31, 2006, she begins this new series, and artfully lays the groundwork for many future sequels to this first book. The book does not lack for steamy scenes, with twin werewolf brothers mated to a sweet young priestess, but D’Arc doesn’t rely on sexy scenes to sustain the book. She deftly weaves an intricate tale fraught with suspense, fantasy, and more in a wonderful story that will rate high for anyone who loves the Fantasy/Paranourmal genres with menage themes (M/F/M). I’m looking forward to the next one already!

  5. imogen howson says:

    Author name: JL Langley
    Book title: Without Reservations
    Publishing company: Samhain
    Month of release: October

    Okay, so I’ve been pimping this book all over the web, but it was just so fab.

    I’d read m/m romances before, but never one that promised to be so explicit, and I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. But werewolves get me every time, and I really liked the humour in the excerpt, so I thought I’d take the risk.

    And I loved it. It is very explicit, which doesn’t normally work for me, but there’s real tenderness and emotion, and the humour that attracted me in the first place. The sex scenes aren’t just about sex; they’re about trust and fear and honesty.

    If all erotic books were like this, I’d buy a lot more of them!

    Great idea, btw, Ciar – this is fun!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Book: Trilogy No. 105: Smalltown, USA
    Author: Cat Johnson
    Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
    Release: Oct 2006
    Genre: Comtemporary Erotic Romance

    Fall in love with the men of Pigeon Hollow and see what happens when Hollywood invades Smalltown, USA.

  7. Katrina Strauss says:

    Kayleigh Jamison
    Leading Her to Heaven
    Aphrodite’s Apples Press
    September 2006
    Historical Erotic Romance

    Miss Jamison perfectly blends a romantic love story with sizzlin’ hot erotica. Lead male Blair Ruthven, a rugged Scottish warrior, is written using an authentic Scottish brogue, so as you read, you can hear that sexy accent in your head! The chemistry between Blair and fiesty, intelligent lead female Susanna is both one of the strongest to come across on the written page.

    (Sorry for repost, I had misspelled a character name due to lack of caffeine. *wink*)

  8. Valerie says:

    Becka’s B*E*A*S*T book….great story, great characters, great READ!!!!

    oops, I see she already recommended herself…lol!!!

  9. Heather Hiestand says:

    Janice Bennett
    Cold Turkey
    Cerridwen Press

    It’s a funny mystery that can hold its own with any New York-published mystery. And it’s perfect for this time of year!

  10. catt says:

    Author name: JL Langley
    Book title: Without Reservations
    Publishing company: Samhain
    Month of release: October

    J.L has really outdone herself with this one it is very hot and IMO you cant go wrong with werewolves,or any shifter for that matter

  11. Anonymous says:

    Marjorie Jones
    Champagne Books


    This is an ebook that follows up (though it is stand alone in its own right) a moderately successful print book, The Jewel and the Sword. It’s a fabulous, beefy, historical written in the old school prose that made romance what it is today… Add to that a kickass heroine who doesn’t take anything lying down and a hero to die for.

  12. Mackenzie McKade says:

    Author name: Mackenzie McKade
    Book title: A Tall Dark Cowboy
    Publishing company: Ellora’s Cave
    Month of release: February

    I was told to come on over and plug one of my books. Since A Tall Dark Cowboy just released with a beautiful new cover I thought I’d choose this one. It’s a contemporary/western erotic romance. It’s guaranteed to pull at your heart strings, make you laugh and cry, and will leave you panting. Give it a try!


  13. Nell Dixon says:

    author:Jessica Raymond
    Book:Haunted Hearts
    Publisher:Moonlit Romance
    Month of release:October

    This is Jessica’s debut novel and it’s a lovely haunting story of star crossed lovers past and present in a Manor house that seems to have a life of it’s own and there’s a very special cat.

  14. imogen howson says:

    Yay, Catt has good taste! 🙂
    Look Ciar, ‘Without Reservations’ has got two votes already. Does it win? Does it? Does it?

  15. Ciar Cullen says:

    Hi Immi LOL These are nominations, so what I’ll do Friday is create a poll from these and then let folks vote for the winner :o)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Author name: Judith Rochelle
    Book: The Hired Wife
    Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
    Release date: September 2007

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