Happy Birthday Simon

Okay, it may not be his birthday, but several years ago, my silly husband picked a day to celebrate our cat. (Middle age childless couples can be very odd this way.) He was an orphan, hand raised by a vet, spent his first year in a cage until our Top Cat was euthanized. I brushed at my tears and pointed to Simon and asked “can we have him?” The vet nodded enthusiastically. Turns out, Simon never stops talking! He can fetch, say “mom” (okay, I choose to think that’s what he says), and he’s really, really long. Happy Birthday Simon!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Simon

  1. imogen howson says:

    He’s beautiful. Happy Birthday Simon!

  2. SM says:


    Happy Birthday, Simon!!!!

  3. Mechele Armstrong says:

    Happy birthday Simon.

    Oddly enough, he looks my cat adopted in July. Only mine’s not long, she’s errrrr weighty. She came to us at 16 pounds. Losing weight isn’t easy with a cat.

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