Best Fall Ebook! Vote until 12/8

Before you vote, please note that I know this can be a popularity contest, but it’s also a vote in favor of ebooks in general, and is meant to highlight the great diversity of them! I will close the poll on Friday, 12/8, buy the winning title, and post my own review.

Vote! Your Favorite Fall Ebook!

Pick one of the following

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Lauren Dane, TriMates, Ellora’s Cave
Rebecca Goings, The B*E*A*S*T* Within, Champagne
Bianca D’Arc, Lords of the Were, Samhain
JL Langley, Without Reservations, Samhain
Cat Johnson, Smalltown, USA, Linden Bay
Kayleigh Jamison, Leading Her to Heaven, Aphrodite’s Apples
Janice Bennett, Cold Turkey, Cerridwen
Marjorie Jones, My Lady’s Will, Champagne
Mackenzie McKade, A Tall Dark Cowboy, Ellora’s Cave
Jessica Raymond, Haunted Hearts, Moonlit Romance
Judith Rochelle, The Hired Wife, Triskelion


2 thoughts on “Best Fall Ebook! Vote until 12/8

  1. Jennifer says:

    Man, there are some great books on the list! I want a tie between several of them…

  2. Lacy Danes says:

    I’m back…. finally my life has settled down enough to write again. I hope this finds you well and I LOVE the cover for Love’s Alchemy!

    I still love and think of that story. I went to dinner with Lauren Dane and the light above us flickered out… and I was like oh! and your story came flooding back!

    Hugs and Kisses

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