The Princes of Anfall Earring Giveaway!

Win a gift for yourself! A pair of freshwater pearl earrings from the Hunger Site (every purchase also donates cups of food)! I’m celebrating the rerelease of The Princes of Anfall on December 12. Go to my author page for more information.

Got Elf?
The greatest Elven Wizard fights to free Anfall of an ancient evil, and fights his love for the woman destined to marry his brother.
In the ancient, enchanted land of Anfall, wizards are dying out just when they are most needed to defend their world. Kasmarin is the Prince Adept, a warrior wizard who has selflessly taken on the responsibility to defend the kingdom with his magic. He is bound by his sense of honor and by tradition, and bound by his oath to find a gifted woman to marry the King. Lauren Emory, a New Yorker, crosses to Anfall to search for her brother, Tim. Pegged as the perfect match for the King, Kasmarin kidnaps her for his brother. A second brother, Sennsarin, tutors Lauren in her magic as the band risks all to rescue Tim Emory.
Humor and danger mix in this classic romantic fantasy with a theme of star-crossed lovers.
Warning: contains graphic language, graphic sex, very mild violence.

To enter: Go to the Samhain link above or to my website and tell me the names of four heroes from four different books of mine! It’s easy, promise. Then email me through the contact link at my website. While you’re there, don’t forget to also enter my contest for a beautiful framed seascape (see contest link). I’ll pick a winner on December 12–the release date for Princes of Anfall!

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