I’d Rather Be Sledding, or Why Promoting Bites

These women look so happy, don’t they? I bet there wasn’t a writer among them. Okay, I’m not unhappy, I’m just perplexed. Have you gone to the loops, oh, the loops lately? Promo. Promo. Promo. Pick me. My new release. My contest. My other contest. Ciar Cullen’s contest. My great review. My new website. Where has all the chit-chat gone? Folks gave up and went elsewhere. Probably to the blogs, which are multiplying exponentially. I don’t have the heart to start a myspace page.

It seems a new epub opens every week, cranking out ten-fold the number of releases available when I started writing. Sure, most of the companies will fall to the wayside, as the market votes. And I just finished “advising” someone about how much time they should spend promoting. Aaargh.

How do you stand out? I can understand why so many writers are so anxious to get that agent, get to NY, etc. Then they enter another kind of throng, and have another kind of crowd to rise above, as well as the financial pressure to sell, sell, sell.

I’m happy, nevertheless, because I’m enjoying my WIP–it made me smile last night when I read it over. And at the end of the day, that’s a damned good Christmas gift to myself. Have fun writing. And once in a while, throw your hands in the air and laugh on the way down the hill with your friends!


4 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Sledding, or Why Promoting Bites

  1. Sara Dennis says:

    It’s promo week. We’re all talking about it. That’s so funny. And we’re all whinging about it too. It’s tough. I got promo overloaded and stopped and I know that means that I don’t sell books but … yeah. Splah. Too much buy me, not enough conversation.

  2. Sara Thacker says:

    I was thinking the other day about how much I love writing. Yes, there’s all that promotion stuff to do and yes it’s a pain to figure out how to ballance it, but if it wasn’t promo it would be something else. Just love the process and when you’re overloaded, give up and eat chocolate. Okay, maybe give up and go for a run would be better advice. Have fun with it.

  3. Robin L. Rotham says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Ciar. Totally. What you said. šŸ˜€ I’m just going to have fun with my blog and let my book promote itself — assuming it’s ever released, sigh. I’ve never been good at promoting myself, so I’ll send out excerpts when the opportunity arises and partipate where I can, but I’m not going to live for promo. Life’s too short for that.

  4. Lauren says:

    For me, the key is to be yourself and not to just show up five minutes before a release, spam forty loops and go away again.

    Because there are like eleventy billion epublishers out there, you need to give folks a reason to pick yours up. And it’s not forty “buy me” posts when you’re a stranger, it’s a genuine presence and doing the work of writing good books and keeping yourself out there every day.

    Promotion is a reality in this business, but smart promotion is effective promotion and I don’t think constant “buy me” spam is effective. Ebook readers are really cool folks, a bit of time and effort to get to know people is a good thing.

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