The Year’s Wrap Up–What about You?

Anyone tempted to look back over the last year already? Since I mostly blog about epublishing here, I’ll try to limit my ramblings to writing. I was thinking that after a really, really rocky end of 2005, 2006 wasn’t so bad. I guess my third year of writing. Three books released from Samhain, two from Loose ID, I sold to EC. I got a Gold Star and CAPA nomination for the Biggest Kahuna. Under the counsel of my former editor at Samhain, Angie, I moved away from rereleases and started down some new paths (just started).

I haven’t really figured out what I want to do this year, and I’m kinda okay with that. Got this agent thing kinda on and off again, and I think off is better for right now. Had a real live booksigning! On the down side? Kinda disappointed Love’s Alchemy didn’t sell better, but I still love it and hope it will catch on a little. Got good reviews anyway :o)

Some pressing questions to answer in the next week: go back to martial arts (for the first time in years I’m officially out of shape and not working out–it’s no good, my body mind and spirit are screaming at me)? Try to stick to a writing schedule? Go visit my brother in Iowa early in the year? And write…what? I’ve started three things–Steam Age Scandals, the Relic Hunters, and the sequel to Wizard of Time. I also need to overhaul Unholy Vows. There’s something else in me screaming to get out–I hope it finds a way to my keyboard in 2007.

How about you???


One thought on “The Year’s Wrap Up–What about You?

  1. Becka says:

    My big goal for 2007 is to query an agent and see if I can get into New York. I’ve debated long and hard (no pun intended lol) about the decision to get an agent, but the agent chat I attended at RJ with Deidre Knight convinced me. Sure, they take a cut of your royalties, but truth be told, they ain’t that great right now. LOL Even with the agent’s cut, I doubt I’d ever make now what I could be making writing for New York.

    But for me, it’s really not about the money. I’ve always wanted to share my stories with people. The more the merrier. I guess it’s a selfish thing, wanting to rub covers with the people I chat with every day. *Pouts* But it’s also to prove to myself that I *can* do it.

    And heck, I do want to be a well-known romance author. But I don’t write for the money. Although it is a nice perk… LOL


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